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A Huge Thank You to PSCAA

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This summer, tSB partnered with Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (PSCAA) to educate and empower tSB youth to take community action regarding air quality and environmental justice. During the workshop, youth learned about common causes of air pollution, the regions and demographics that are most affected by poor air quality, as well as environmentally-conscious options to diminish emissions.

The youth were surprised to learn that “our air quality isn’t as good as we think it is, even though we live in the Pacific Northwest.” At the end of the workshop, we assembled clean air filter fans to install in the youth’s homes, which proved to be incredibly useful because just 2 weeks later, Seattle was covered in forest fire smoke. Look out for that PM2.5.

Check out the blog on PSCAA website!

Poverty Banquet and Mural Project! -by Clinton

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How’s everyone doing? Man last week was a good week of tSB. On Wednesday, we had one of my favorite workshops that I was a part of last year, The Poverty and Hunger banquet. It tackled the issue of classes that our society puts us in. There was the low-income class, middle class and high income class. I was a part of the middle class group and I helped facilitate this group. I liked our group and the meal we had. We had a good discussion and I felt the great vibe with what people had to say about this class. I definitely understood where people came from with their issue or thoughts about this class and it was great to hear about how this class affected them. Ultimately, class can be defined in many ways and many people can be categorized by it. We shouldn’t overlook at the fact that these classes happen for a reason. But sometimes we still look at the facts and say that this truly can’t be what our society has been looked upon.

On Sunday, we had the bus mural painting! We had it at Tizita’s home and it was great! The creative juices definitely were shown that day and everyone had a great time and had a great contribution to the project. I definitely feel like murals are important in our community because it shows how much it can be looked upon and people can stroll down and look and think about how a persons vision of a community has been portray in the essence of an artwork masterpiece. This will hopefully have an impact on the two bus stops we worked on as it has no artwork on it. Our pieces will now definitely be looked at for us and they can truly say that the community of tSB is a great one in doing this artwork.

South End Service with the International Capoeira Angola Fnd!

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“Thou shall not plan”, these were the last words I heard from Tizita to end the day and it kinda summed up the whole tSB service. It was crazy for me cause the schedule seemed so crazy at first with two groups working different shifts, morning and afternoon and when I finally get there, most of the work was finished! Dang guys, proud of ya but i wanted to help but don’t worry morning group, you did great 🙂
Anyways my duty was to just clean up the kitchen. While we got everything situated, we got the lowdown on how the studio is going look and how we as a community can help it grow to become a great place. I couldn’t wait for the grand opening and how the place will turn out. After everyone was done with duties, we headed to the park 2 blocks away from the studio to play a little kickball. It was super fun. A game everyone can play, loved every minute of it. Once the time came, it was time to say our goodbyes.

Great day as usual wit the fam bam 🙂 Can’t wait to see what Wednesday has in store for us.

Jaesun’s Ode to tSB

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This was too beautiful NOT to post. Thank you Jaesun!

Gotta get up early, don’t wanna be late. Gotta get to tSB, got a service date.
Cleanin’ parks, trying to build community. One goal. One mind. Strong is our unity.
Won’t be beaten, shattered or tattered.
Stick together like glue, we some bad mamma-jammas.
On the mountain we conquer the powder and when we get thirsty, Odwalla we devour.
We got the spirit, we got the power to change the world hour by hour!

Now Accepting Applications

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Keep an eye out-

Summer Program applications will be available in June 2010

With the tSB crew, you’ll snowboard (no experience required), hit the streets for awesome service projects, cook and eat like royalty, make art, learn about social justice and yourself, and be part of a family with a bunch of adults & youth who will transform in front of your eyes.

photo by Canhsolo

photo by Canhsolo

Sorry, applications are closed.

Prophets move us

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TSB youth are steppin up and making tSB run the way they want it. We love it! Here’s a sample of a grant one of the youth is working on RIGHT NOW to get some video cameras for us…

My name is Jaytee Teav, and I am a youth participant in The Service Board. I am filling out this application with the support of my program director Stephany. Besides learning how to snowboard with tSB this year I also skateboard and I am interested in making videos that inspire people to make things happen in the community. I’ve been working on a music video project with tSB to develop my skills in film making. We hope to make a skateboarding program in the near future and my videos could help our organization to accomplish that. The video cameras will support tSB’s mission by spreading these opportunities to document our culture and share The Service Board’s vision of social justice and personal development to people within and outside of our community. Through multi-media literacy learning labs we will create public service announcements, documentaries, skateboard and snowboarding videos that will teach us skills in story telling, composition, editing, and presentation. Empowering youth with video cameras will give us presence and create opportunities for us to set and reach new goals.

Board of Directors

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Peggy Curtis

coming soon!

Meredith Frolio, President

After mentoring for four years, Meredith now serves on our Board of Directors. An outdoor adventurer since her birth in Colorado, she works with tSB because of the power of love, nurturing and support, and the doors they open for youth. Outside of tSB she serves as a construction manager for modern residential projects.

Matthew Hendrickson, Treasurer

Matt grew up in South Seattle and graduated from Franklin High School and the University of Washington (Go Dawgs!). Matt discovered tSB when his sister was a participant and later decided to mentor for three years before joining the Board of Directors where he now serves as Treasurer. He loves tSB because it gives us all a space to be open emotionally, to be ourselves, and to be loved.

Outside of tSB, Matt works as a house painter and is an avid sports fan. He spends his free time golfing and playing on the co-ed basketball team, the tSBallers.

Anne Lehmer, Development Chair

Anne joined the Board of Directors after learning about tSB through her work with Ashley on a Northwest Development Officers Association (NDOA) conference. Anne works as the YWCA of Seattle’s Major Gifts Officer and serves as the Development Chair on the Board. While sometimes intimidated by teenagers, she believes that it is important to invest in our future leaders and serves on the Board to ensure that tSB programs can help Seattle teens discover their potential.

Conrad Muller

Coming soon…

Daniel Pak

Coming soon…

Malcolm Peoples Procter

Malcolm was a tSB participant in 2004 and 2005 and recently joined the Board of Directors to give back to the program that gave so much to him. His mother, Carol (pictured here) also served on the Board for a number of years.

Malcolm is currently attending Seattle Central Community College and working towards a career in design.

Pai Pongsupaht

coming soon!

Dena Rigby

Dena Rigby has worked in the Seattle art community since 1995. Having first worked for the Foster/White Gallery, Rigby went on to privately manage and represent artists to galleries and museums nationally. In 2005 she moved to Los Angeles to open D&A Fine Arts, a private art gallery specializing in museum quality contemporary glass. While working in both Los Angeles and Seattle, she joined the board of the contemporaries at MOCA L.A. (Museum of Contemporary Art) and served until she returned to Seattle in 2008. Rigby sits on the steering committee for the contemporaries at the Henry Art Gallery and acts as a private dealer and art consultant, building private collections and helping museums fundraise through fine art events. Rigby has lectured at the University of Hawaii and taught at the Pilchuck Glass School. Most recently she curated an exhibition for Winston Wachter Fine Art in Seattle. Rigby was raised in Hawaii and Florida and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Florida.

Scott Yasui, Vice President

Bio coming soon!