Prophets move us

By April 30, 2009October 6th, 2009Service projects, Uncategorized

TSB youth are steppin up and making tSB run the way they want it. We love it! Here’s a sample of a grant one of the youth is working on RIGHT NOW to get some video cameras for us…

My name is Jaytee Teav, and I am a youth participant in The Service Board. I am filling out this application with the support of my program director Stephany. Besides learning how to snowboard with tSB this year I also skateboard and I am interested in making videos that inspire people to make things happen in the community. I’ve been working on a music video project with tSB to develop my skills in film making. We hope to make a skateboarding program in the near future and my videos could help our organization to accomplish that. The video cameras will support tSB’s mission by spreading these opportunities to document our culture and share The Service Board’s vision of social justice and personal development to people within and outside of our community. Through multi-media literacy learning labs we will create public service announcements, documentaries, skateboard and snowboarding videos that will teach us skills in story telling, composition, editing, and presentation. Empowering youth with video cameras will give us presence and create opportunities for us to set and reach new goals.