Peer Leader Program

Application are currently closed!

What is a Peer Leader?

The Peer Leader (PL) role is vital to tSB as a youth-led organization. PL’s are ambassadors and youth leaders of tSB. The PL Program’s mission is to facilitate the development of youth leadership skills in a select group of tSB graduates. We’ll do this by training PLs in leadership, personal, professional, and, important life skills.

Peer Leader responsibilities include:

  • Attend Peer Leader Meetings (first Tuesday of the month) 
  • Responsible for facilitating at least one Wednesday night workshop 
  • Help with general coordination of program nights (in-person) 
    • Set up, clean up, opening circle, family group activities, etc. 
    • Help develop program workshops and service projects 
  • Evaluate Prophet & Mentor applications and give suggestions for acceptance 
    • Interview and choose Mentors 
    • Serve as a bridge between Prophets and Mentors
  • Work with our Prophets during small group discussions, manage large group dynamics, and encourage participation (on the mountain, and at service projects)
  • Recruit and identify potential Peer Leaders 
  • Fostering tSB’s culture and values within the Core Program space
  • Receive training in public speaking, group facilitation, and conflict management
  • Fulfill the Peer Leader role in the retention of Prophets 
  • Peer Leaders will choose one project, goal, or area of focus that they would like to complete by the end of Core Program. 
    • Public speaking, marketing, event planning, curriculum writing, service project, social justice workshop etc. 


Why should I be a Peer Leader?

“Being a Peer Leader has made me better understand myself and those around me, and how I communicate with my peers and mentors. Being a peer leader has taught me to be more outspoken and confident in myself and sharing my opinions, Being a peer leader has allowed me to develop my leadership skills while also connecting with others on a deeper level. It’s been a rewarding experience that has helped me grow both personally and professionally.”

Aissa, 2023 Peer Leader


“My time in tSB taught me to be more confident in my experiences and my own truth. It validated and supported me in ways I haven’t been supported in before. tSB opened space for me and dozens of other youth to be open and understand the world in a safe, comforting environment.”

Kenny Phan, 2021 Peer Leader


Application are currently closed!

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