Core Program Spanish Interpreter (Seasonal, January-May)

We are looking for a Spanish Interpreter to join on Wednesday Nights ! This position is critical to the success of our Wednesday night workshops and to help us make our program more inclusive. As the tSB translator you will:

  • Collaborate with the Curriculum team and Engagement coordinator  to review materials prior to Wednesday workshop.
  • Serve as main interpreter for Wednesday nights workshops (5:30-8:00pm), review documentation prior to workshops, and attend meetings totaling 10 hours of work weekly  
  • Answer questions and provide additional context for our 3 Spanish speaking participants
  • Serve as an accurate intermediary between Spanish speaking and English speaking individuals when necessary while also allowing Spanish speakers to try to communicate in English if desired.
  • Convey the information objectively and accurately.

View the Spanish Interpreter Job Description and learn how to apply. Contact with any questions regarding this position.


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