Who We Are. What We Do. Why We Do It.

Our Mission

As a youth-led organization the Service Board (tSB) builds community through the power of youth.

Our Vision

For all youth to advocate for a more just future.

What We Do

For over 27 years, tSB continues to develop and implement culturally-relevant programming for high school-aged youth from traditionally marginalized communities (BIPOC, LGBTQAI+, low-income, immigrants, refugees, foster care, houseless) in King County.

tSB provides youth with a supportive space where they are heard, valued and given space to develop as leaders. Our year-around programming facilitates equitable access for youth to traditionally inaccessible outdoor activities with a focus on snowboarding to increase diversity in the outdoors and build confidence in youth. In combination with community service projects, adult mentoring, social and environmental justice education; tSB creates courageous communities of young change-makers, athletes, and future environmentalists.


Core Values

SOCIAL JUSTICE | Our social justice curriculum pushes us to examine how oppression impacts our community and environment. We believe every voice matters, and are committed to uplifting the voices of those who have been historically marginalized. Knowledge is power, and our curriculum gives youth the tools to step into their power and become change-makers.

COMMUNITY | Our community is built on two-way mentorship, where every community member, including youth, is a mentor to their peers. Every individual brings value and helps us in creating a more inclusive community.

OUTDOOR ADVENTURE | BIPoC and low-income youth face significant barriers to fully engaging inbeneficial outdoor activities. Our programs bridge this gap in outdoor engagement through intentionally increasing diverse access and participation to outdoor adventure activities, like snowboarding. Through these activities, our
participants develop the skill, tenacity, and determination needed to expand their boundaries, take healthy risks and to meet life’s challenges both on and off the
mountain – which explains our motto: “push your growing edge”.

SERVICE | Through service projects, our participants discover their potential as agents of change in their communities. Participants gain a deeper understanding of the needs of their community and actively participate in addressing those issues. Together, we perform 3,800 service hours annually.


In 1994, a young Seattle snowboarder lost his life due to a drug-related murder. Several community members saw his death as a call to action and worked to create a supportive space for young people to build resilience and explore the true meaning of community.

A year later, thanks to the leadership of our founders Thomas Goldstein, John Logic and Thomas Caldwell III; tSB opened its doors to high school students from across Seattle to provide a space where they could be heard, valued, and explore the true meaning of community through snowboarding, mentorship, social justice education, and public service.

Since then we have continued to adapt to the needs of our Greater Seattle community while maintaining our values as a youth-led organization. Our curriculum has evolved to examine the roots of oppression and find pathways to systemic change.