South End Service with the International Capoeira Angola Fnd!

By March 2, 2010Service projects

“Thou shall not plan”, these were the last words I heard from Tizita to end the day and it kinda summed up the whole tSB service. It was crazy for me cause the schedule seemed so crazy at first with two groups working different shifts, morning and afternoon and when I finally get there, most of the work was finished! Dang guys, proud of ya but i wanted to help but don’t worry morning group, you did great 🙂
Anyways my duty was to just clean up the kitchen. While we got everything situated, we got the lowdown on how the studio is going look and how we as a community can help it grow to become a great place. I couldn’t wait for the grand opening and how the place will turn out. After everyone was done with duties, we headed to the park 2 blocks away from the studio to play a little kickball. It was super fun. A game everyone can play, loved every minute of it. Once the time came, it was time to say our goodbyes.

Great day as usual wit the fam bam 🙂 Can’t wait to see what Wednesday has in store for us.