Poverty Banquet and Mural Project! -by Clinton

By April 22, 2010Food, Service projects

How’s everyone doing? Man last week was a good week of tSB. On Wednesday, we had one of my favorite workshops that I was a part of last year, The Poverty and Hunger banquet. It tackled the issue of classes that our society puts us in. There was the low-income class, middle class and high income class. I was a part of the middle class group and I helped facilitate this group. I liked our group and the meal we had. We had a good discussion and I felt the great vibe with what people had to say about this class. I definitely understood where people came from with their issue or thoughts about this class and it was great to hear about how this class affected them. Ultimately, class can be defined in many ways and many people can be categorized by it. We shouldn’t overlook at the fact that these classes happen for a reason. But sometimes we still look at the facts and say that this truly can’t be what our society has been looked upon.

On Sunday, we had the bus mural painting! We had it at Tizita’s home and it was great! The creative juices definitely were shown that day and everyone had a great time and had a great contribution to the project. I definitely feel like murals are important in our community because it shows how much it can be looked upon and people can stroll down and look and think about how a persons vision of a community has been portray in the essence of an artwork masterpiece. This will hopefully have an impact on the two bus stops we worked on as it has no artwork on it. Our pieces will now definitely be looked at for us and they can truly say that the community of tSB is a great one in doing this artwork.