Summer Leadership Impact Program

“SLIP was an engaging and exciting way to spend more time with tSB community, and learn more about our environment at the same time.” - SLIP 2021 Participant

“I had an amazing time attending SLIP. It gave me something to do this summer and I got closer with the tSB community and learned so much.” - SLIP 2021 Participant

“This has to be the best program I have ever taken, it really made me more confident in who I am and I got to have tons of fun at the same time!” - SLIP 2021 Participant

SLIP is a 6- week Environmental Justice summer program conducted from mid-July to mid-August. Environmental Justice is the intersection between social and environmental issues, movements, and constructs. Youth participants will take part in 10-12 sessions that cover environmental topics, including clean forests, clean air, clean water, clean communities, and youth leadership. SLIP builds on tSB’s Core Program Curriculum through anti-oppression theory and experiential learning workshops to develop the next generation of Peer Leaders and environmental stewards.
During this dope program with tSB, you’ll get the opportunity to:
  • Continue building friendships with people in tSB
  • Engage in Environmental Justice Programing
  • Receive guidance and mentorship from other youth leaders
  • Build skills to become a tSB Peer Leader
  • Participate in outdoor recreation including
  • Surfing
  • Bouldering
  • Camping
**If you are applying to be a Peer Leader, you are highly encouraged to participate in 2022 SLIP Program
Program Components & Time Commitment
The Summer Leadership Impact Program starts on July 13th and through August 19th. SLIP participants will meet twice weekly – on Wednesday & Friday – with a few field trips, and overnight trips that will run Wednesday through Friday. More information in the application.


  • Current Prophets 
    • Current Prophets who want to become Peer Leaders are required to participate in SLIP
  • Current Peer Leaders
    • Peer Leaders who want to stay involved with tSB and mentor their peers are encouraged to apply
  • Past Prophets and Peer Leaders
    • Past Prophets and Peer Leaders who want to get reinvolved with tSB are encouraged to apply

If you have questions, please contact

Apply Here. Application closes June 8th.