#AskTheYouth 2020

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Hey there tSB Community! So nice to see you all again. 

It certainly has been one heck of a year. With all its twists and turns, surely we all have our own reflections on the past 9 months. tSB youth have certainly pushed their growing edge this year, and have shown great adaptability and commitment. Program staff checked in with some of them to learn their thoughts on some of the year’s major developments, and their hopes for the future. Keep reading for a summary of what we learned.

Starting with the ongoing pandemic. Navigating its impact has been a challenge. From getting used to wearing masks to saying bye to some of their favorite places in the city, a lot has changed and most youth agree it isn’t always fun. To be honest, spending spring and summer 2020 in the house has been a “pretty boring” experience.

From a social justice point of view, our society has faced some significant challenges this year. tSB youth have seized the opportunity to make their voices heard. Some have protested in the streets in support of Black Lives Matter, some have created websites to highlight activists in the community, and others have created online campaigns to promote wellness. Their creativity and commitment to staying involved in the community has been inspiring to witness.

As for the future, youth are hopeful for a COVID-19 vaccine and a return to normalcy. With optimism, youth (and staff) are looking forward to another great year of tSB program in 2021, even if we look a little different than usual. Whatever the future holds, the tSB community will continue to stand together to hold each other down.

Meet our 2020 Program Team!

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Hey there tSB Community! This is Monique Taylor, tSB Program Manager, here to give a few updates about the 2020 tSB Program! The Program Team has been busy at work getting our 2020 Core Program up and running. We have a dedicated crew of prophets, peer leaders, mentors, snowboard instructors, volunteers and staff this year and we are all excited to make this year one of the best yet!

We just wrapped up an awesome retreat to start our Core Program, a big thank you to the team at Islandwood who helped make this year’s retreat possible. It was an impactful weekend full of community building and connection, and some beautiful hikes through the woods on Bainbridge Island. Next, we are gearing up to have our first day on the mountain this Saturday! 

There have been many new developments on the Program Team in the last few months. First, a huge shout out and thank you to Cole Story. Cole recently stepped down as Program Manager, after two years as tSB staff. Cole has been influential in making our programs what they currently are, including leading the development of our inaugural Summer Leadership Impact Program (SLIP)! Cole will be continuing to support tSB as a Snowboard Instructor this year and we are grateful to have him around.

We also have some new hires on the program team! Carmen Berrysmith joined the tSB staff in September 2019 as our newest Program Coordinator. Carmen has been involved with tSB since she was in high school and has worn many hats across the organization! Carmen has been a Prophet, tSB Intern, Soiree Emcee, and has volunteered in many other capacities in recent years. Carmen has a ton of love for tSB and a natural talent for connecting with our youth. She has been the rock holding our programs down during recent staff transitions, and we are so excited to have her dedication and insight on the team!

I am also a new hire this year! I joined the staff as Program Manager this January 2020, and I am so appreciative to be part of the tSB fam! I have been busy learning the program and connecting with our youth and mentors. This past retreat has been my favorite part of joining tSB thus far. The support and love that exists in this community is strong. I have already gained so much from joining this community and have had a great time doing it! I look forward to deepening my connection to you all in the years to come!

What You Missed at the tSB Town Hall Meeting on October 26th

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Happy Holidays tSB Community!

On October 26th, members of our community, the tSBoard of Directors and tSB staff gathered at the 2100 building to have a conversation about the recent transitions at tSB and the future of our organization. We appreciate those of you that attended and all the invaluable feedback we received. We truly believe that any steps that we take toward strengthening and maintaining tSB must reflect the voices and opinions of the community that we serve.

We understand that there were many who were unable to attend. We still want to ensure that all of our members are informed of our work and have the opportunity voice their feedback as we move forward to continue our great work at tSB.

What happened over the past year:
– Leadership transitions over the last several years have been challenging
– Previous operational expenses and staff demands exceed current capacity
– Less aggressive fundraising
– Needed to cut expenses, which led to tough decisions – we had to lay of a staff member and reduce other staff hours
– The Board led an emergency fundraising campaign over the summer which raised $82,000 between July-September
– Interim ED, Chiloe Barrera-Cloyd left in August to go back to school. You can read more from Chiloe here.
– Lacie West started at the end of September as Interim ED to plan Soiree and manage current staff. You can read more about Lacie here.
– Sara Bloom departed tSB at end of September. You can read more from Sara here.

What are we doing now:
– Reducing expenses, conserving resources and securing budget relieving items
– Applying for more grants through utilizing an experienced grant writer
– Focusing on sustainability and fundraising and re-engaging with donors who have become disconnected from tSB
– Hired part-time development assistant and program assistant
– Greater utilization of volunteers
– Reduced program, which includes shorter timeline and smaller group of prophets, mentors, and snowboard instructors
– Asking for help from the community

What the next few months and beyond look like:
– Soiree was critical! Our goal was to raise $75,000 (we exceeded our goal!)
– Creative funding strategies: Creating formal, long-lasting partnerships and sponsorships to cut costs, prioritize funding research, solicitation and professional -grant writing, greater stewardship and diversity of funding sources
– Utilize volunteer base: Develop long-term volunteer/intern roles to be filled regularly
– Ensure that current staff members receive adequate support (includes professional development)
– Recruit board members that reflect the communities we serve : Actively utilize alumni and community networks, have a clear ideal profile to identify potential nominees, use our local networks (corporate and community), increase board visibility and transparency
– Keeping the community informed: email lists, alumni databases, reports/updates, media page on website
– Increase visibility: frequent website updates, updated collateral materials and more presence within community events/activities

Thank you for the incredible support you’ve given to tSB in many ways. During this year of transition, we’ve asked a lot of the community and haven’t always communicated with you as openly or as quickly as we should have. We’re committed to improving our lines of communication and are looking forward to this next chapter of tSB!

In community,
tSBoard of Directors

Sarah Keller, tSB intern

Meet Sarah Keller, tSB’s summer intern

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We are super excited to be hosting an intern on behalf of the city of Seattle’s Seattle Youth Employment Program. We’ve asked her to share a little about herself below. She’ll be working on learning how to write grants, manage our gear inventory, and whipping our office into a more organized state. Please join us in welcoming her to the tSB summer team. Here’s a little information about the newest member of the tSB family:

Sarah Keller is a Seattleite who spent three years working in the Buddy Program, mentoring children with disabilities. In 2014, she received a peace award from advocating for Mental Health Awareness and the Stop Bullying Project. Sarah is a student at SouthWest Cultural Arts Center, graduating early with a 3.0, and plans to go to college to major in Sociology.

Sarah likes to spend her free time writing poetry, drawing, hiking, and loving her five quirky cats. Her ideal vacation would definitely be hiking down Shi Shi Beach in the Olympic National Park, and setting up camp on the sand. Although Sarah has many passions, she wants to take action towards the growth of a more accepting society when it comes to race, gender, and sexuality.

Sarah has many goals for her future, such as working in Child Development, advocating for Mental Health Awareness, becoming skilled in a variety of different Arts, and owning at least three big dogs.

Help the Service Board turn $50,000 into $100,000!

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During August, your gift will have twice the impact on Seattle youth who need safe space where their voices are heard.

Our community supporters Fishermen’s Finest, evo and the tSB Board have stepped up to provide a fundraising challenge that will match your donations dollar for dollar for up to $50,000 in the month of August. Please make a donation today and help us raise $100,000 during a critical transition period for tSB. Money raised will help ensure that we have the resources to hire our next great leader, lay a more sustainable path forward and continue serving a critical need for youth.

Donate Now

You can also send donations to our office at:

the Service Board
4408 Delridge Way SW, Ste 100
Seattle, WA 98106

“One of the greatest things I got from tSB is to ‘push your growing edges.’ You had to step out of your own bubble, you need to try new things, and it was okay through the process to fail and fall because that’s how you learn to grow and better yourself.”

– Maryyah T., tSB alumna

Thank you to our incredible Community Supporters!

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We’re looking for our next fearless Executive Director!

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Job Opportunity: Executive Director

the Service Board (tSB) is hiring! We seek a strategic and passionate Executive Director to shape, inspire, and lead the organization’s future in collaboration with a skilled staff team, deeply committed community, and talented Board of Directors.
At tSB, we often say we ‘move mountains.’ Yes, you will move mountains in this job, but you’re not alone. Our community of young people, adult mentors, alumni, and volunteers work together to build and grow the organization. The next Executive Director will lead this passionate community of supporters and bring enthusiasm and experience to the challenge of operating a small nonprofit with limited resources, in a region with rapidly changing demographics.

About tSB

tSB was founded as a call to action in 1995 in response to a drug-related murder of a young snowboarder. The founders knew then what is true now: The world is complex and youth are vulnerable. However, given the right combination of exploring their passions, having positive adult role models and engaging in service and adventure, youth will thrive and impact the communities around them. The organization has consistently been a small organization with a large influence, serving 66 youth in 2016, with a 2017 operating budget of $320,000, a staff of four, a 14-member Board of Directors, and over 100 adult mentors and community volunteers.

Our Mission

Mentoring teens to conquer
personal and cultural challenges
through public service and
outdoor adventure

Our Vision

Teens and young adults reach
their fullest potential and thrive

Our Values

Service | Social Justice
Adventure | Integrity
Community | Communication

Our Secret Sauce

tSB believes that together we’re better. Much better. Our collective strength is what leads to our greatest impact and success. Our secret sauce is facilitating an intensive mentoring approach between positive adult mentors and youth that is grounded in deeply authentic and reciprocal relationships. Built through shared experiences on the mountain, in program and in the mutual journey of self-discovery and empowerment, the relationships in our organization’s community embrace love, compassion, unbridled fun, and the complexity of life.

Our Programs

tSB fills the need for strong and connected communities by fostering a deep sense of life purpose, an ethic of public service, and a conviction in the personal ability to shape the future in high school aged youth. Operating in emerging, though traditionally under-served and institutionally neglected neighborhoods that lack sufficient community programs and safe public spaces, tSB reaches the most vulnerable youth. Our unique programming approach combines a social justice and leadership curriculum with adult mentorship and access to the outdoors. Throughout the year we run three structured programs:

The Core Winter Program

Each year, the Service Board brings together a group of approximately 50
high-schoolers and adult mentors from a broad range of academic, racial, cultural and economic backgrounds to engage in a demanding six-month program. Program participants meet twice weekly as a full group from January
through June, with weekend activities rotating between intensive service learning projects and snowboarding, hence our name: the Service Board.

The Peer Leader Program

Each fall, tSB works with eight returning youth selected to be Peer Leaders. These youth receive leadership development and facilitation training to provide guidance and direction not only to our core program, but to our
organization as a whole. Peer leaders support tSB by interviewing employees, volunteering at events, fundraising, recruiting & selecting program participants, and lending feedback to crucial organizational decisions, to name a few.

The Alumni Program

In 2016 we launched a new eightweek New Heights summer program
and paid internship that focuses on career and professional skill development, goal setting, and financial responsibility for alumni of tSB ages 18-22. New Heights enables tSB to make good on our promise to help close the opportunity gap for the youth who participate in our core program. Young adults in New
Heights benefit from workshops and panel presentations from tSB staff
and professional coaches as well as internship site placement and job coaching.

The Opportunities and Challenges Ahead

In 2016 tSB’s Board of Directors adopted a strategic plan covering a four-year span (2016-2020). It builds the framework to increase organizational alignment, build our program outreach and depth, make significant investments in staff, and secure the financial resources necessary to continue building a community of leaders and changemakers who will give back to tSB for years to come. The next Executive Director will lead a passionate
community of supporters and bring enthusiasm and experience to the challenge of operating a small nonprofit with limited resources, in a region with rapidly changing demographics.

About the Position

The primary role of Executive Director is to ensure that the Service Board has the financial and human resources it needs to achieve its mission, provide leadership in implementing the goals and objectives of the organization in line with our mission and laid out in the Strategic Plan, serve as chief spokesperson to the public and key stakeholders, oversee program operations, and manage the Service Board’s dynamic staff. Key responsibilities include:

Leadership and Vision
• In partnership with the Board and staff, assure the Service Board is engaging in a long-range strategy that achieves its mission
• Provide leadership in organizational planning, financial management, and youth programming
• Maintain working knowledge of and ability to articulate trends in the field of mentoring, youth development and, social justice. Create competitive strategies, partnerships and plans to anticipate and respond to those trends

Fundraising and Communications
• Oversee and support the creation of a comprehensive development plan, leading to a broad and diversified funding mix
• In partnership with the Development Manager and the Board of Directors, identify, cultivate and solicit individual donors, business sponsors, and foundation funders
• Build and maintain relationships with donors by involving them in the organization and strengthening their understanding of what their gifts make possible
• Ensure the Service Board effectively markets itself and its programs to prospective mentors, students, donors and other constituencies

Financial Management and Fiscal Oversight
• Manage the fiscal security of the organization, including working with the Finance Committee and Development Manager to create and manage annual budgets and operate within budgetary constraints
• Ensure that sound financial practices are developed, followed, and maintained
• Report to the Board of Directors regularly about the financial health of the organization and develop and implement contingency plans if needed

Staff Management and Program Oversight
• Maintain a positive and strong organizational culture that helps employees and volunteers feel valued and attracts and retains competent, caring staff
• Manage, coach, mentor and motivate staff to ensure that tSB provides the highest quality services on a consistent basis
• In partnership with the Program Manager, develop strategies for sustaining and growing programs, exploring new program development opportunities, and ensuring that ongoing programs are evaluated
• Attend a portion of program activities to form relationships with volunteers and youth and experience the magic of tSB

Board Engagement
• Keep the Board well informed regarding the management and condition of the organization and crucial issues affecting its present and future
• Encourage excellence in Board performance through collaboration, communication and education. In cooperation with the board, involve each board member at an optimum level

The Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for this position will have passion, energy, and drive for the Service Board’s mission and values, a profound belief in the ability of young people to make a positive impact in their community, and enthusiasm for adventuring on the mountain! Our next leader will bring a variety of experiences, qualities and competencies, including:


• 3+ years of nonprofit management experience at the executive leadership team level
• 3+ years managing and working with staff, interns, youth, and consultants and working with a Board
of Directors in a collaborative team environment
• 3+ years of raising a budget of $300,000+, primarily through individual donor cultivation,
solicitation, and stewardship as well as foundation grant writing.
• 3+ years of working in the youth development field
• Strong fiscal management and budgetary leadership with budgets of $300,000+
• Connection to local organizations, networks and communities
• A bachelor’s degree


• Able to maintain and build a strong team to carry out the mission and operations of tSB
• Integrity and a commitment to professional ethics, values, and equity
• Fundraising tenacity with an ability to create and fulfill a development plan
• Strong speaking, listening, and written communication skills, including use of social
• Adept at inspiring and celebrating a diverse community of youth, volunteers, and supporters:
enthusiastic, authentic, self-assured, approachable, appreciative, and charismatic
• Demonstrated skills in building long term relationships and networking to catalyze
participation and support from a wide array of partners and community volunteers
• Experience thinking and making decisions strategically, as well as for planning and measuring

Compensation and Benefits

This is a full-time exempt position that reports into the Board of Directors and requires a willingness to work some evenings and weekends with occasional travel within the state as well as regionally. The expected salary range is between $60,000-$75,000 DOE. tSB offers a benefits package that includes medical insurance, 12 days of vacation with longevity accrual increases, 12 paid holidays, and 12 days of sick leave. tSB is located in the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center in Seattle’s Delridge neighborhood.

To Apply

Apply online by clicking on this link:

You will be prompted to upload your cover letter and a resume. Your cover letter should be no more than two pages in length, and include how your professional experience, interests, and passions align with the mission and purpose of the Service Board, answering the questions: Why the Service Board? Why now? No paper or email submissions, please.

Consideration will be given to applications as soon as they are received; we encourage early applications. All applications will be acknowledged via an email receipt and will be held confidentially within the hiring committee. Interviews for the position will take place in July and early August; the anticipated start date is early to mid-September.
the Service Board is an inclusive organization, fostering and drawing on leadership from communities of color, LGBTQ communities, immigrant communities, and emerging leaders. We strongly encourage applicants from these communities to apply. the Service Board is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. Employment and program policies of the Service Board are nondiscriminatory with regard to race, color, gender, religion, age, national origin, disability, veteran status or sexual orientation.

Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis
Questions regarding this opportunity: can be directed to Dana Guy, co-chair of the Search Committee. Email: | Phone: 206-890-1191

Ashley is moving on.

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Over the next six months I will be making my transition from Executive Director to the tSBiggest fan. It has been such an honor to work with the amazing tSB staff and community. While I will no longer be serving as ED, I will always be a part of the tSB family.

Read More

Arts in Service Summer Program

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…is the Service Board’s summer program. It runs on Thursdays and Saturdays from  July 1st through August 7th. With the exception of the first Thursday, we meet from 11am-4pm each day. The program mixes art projects, community service, and physical activities like kayaking. Last year, we did mosaic making, graffiti art and muraling, skateboarding, screen printing, and more. The program is open to all high school students, including both tSB alum and youth that haven’t done tSB. We accept applications on a first come, first serve basis, so if you’re interested in being in the program, turn in your application as soon as possible. You can receive 30+ hours of community service for being a part of the project.

Questions? Contact the Service Board at 206.324.7771 or email us at

Want to apply? tSB Summer Program Application 2010 (download it now!)

2009's sweet mural