Hi, my name is Elaine and I am a tSB alum.

Long time no talk tSB fam! Gosh, it has been a little over a year since I have been active on tSB’s page, and I really feel like it is my first time all over again. For those of you who are new, or need a friendly reminder of who I am- hi, my name is Elaine and I am a tSB alum. I am incredibly ecstatic to be writing again, and honestly, was a bit doubtful that this day would come. However, to my surprise tSB found a way to bring me full circle as I wrap up my last term as the youth advisory board seat. I’ll keep this blog brief since I’ll have so much more to say in person 😉

Having spent the past (almost) five years with tSB, I realize how many seasons my life goes through and what I prioritize in each phase. I joined tSB in a rough patch and learned to open up to building a community, I entered my Peer Leader year focusing on honing my leadership skills and finished out my Wintern years determined to make larger differences with my experiences. Now here I am entering my freshman year of college!

The past four months have been a whirlwind of emotions and situations- I cannot believe I haven’t gone crazy yet. Over the summer I started working two jobs and preparing for college, which I would not recommend for the faint of heart. There have been numerous times when I’ve felt like giving up but it never made sense to me and I knew that I could make it work. In a way, I have tSB the thank for that. The biggest lessons I have learned and live by, I learned in my years with tSB. During my Prophet year, I doubted so many things including myself, and it was only being in a supportive environment with mentors and friends that allowed me to learn to appreciate and believe in myself. I have always been dedicated to my passions but with people holding me accountable, I was able to push my growing edge and show up where needed. While being a Peer Leader, I understood what being burnt out was and though I am not the best at avoiding it, I can now recognize when it is happening and take a step back. As I enter college, I have been reflecting more on the past experiences that got me to where I am. Even in my first week of classes, I found myself in a position where I am starting from base one again. I brought out my Peer Leader soul to make conversations with new peers and pulled from different workshops to help me with my time management and self-care. Though this first week has been hard to adjust to, I am pushing through and going with the flow. If you remember from before, living in the moment and not missing a second is something I’ve been striving to do since my time at tSB.

Some of you are probably wondering why I just went down memory lane and I promise it is all for good reason. Having spent my last five years with tSB, of course I owe so much of who I am to this organization. I have been through every turn with tSB and blended into a community that never fails to support me. I cannot wait to approach the end of my time with tSB with Soiree.

Come say hi if you are able!
With love and in service,


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