I can’t believe it’s been almost 4 years since I first joined the tSB community. Really, I consider this community my extended family that I can never leave (and don’t want to leave) 🙂. You all have truly helped me realize my confidence and supported me in pushing my growing edge in so many ways. Each one of you has left an imprint that will forever be a part of the way I lead: with empathy and inclusivity.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Like many, 2020 taught me many things about myself and the role that I want to play in the world. I want to ensure that the work I do helps to make this world better for everyone. Serving for a youth-led org taught me that as much as I feel young, my age shows in many of the conversations with youth. Secondly, I learned just how amazing our youth are and not has me questioning why we don’t have enough youth in leadership positions. I think as we get older, we forget (or don’t want to admit) that we can’t know everything because everything is always changing. We forget that every decision we make will affect our youth in some way or another. Shoutout to all the Peer Leaders and Prophets for continually reminding us!
I could go on forever about my tSB journey thus far but I know it’s only going to continue and I’m not much for words. I look forward to seeing you all around at random places and events since we all know about the 3 degrees (not 6) of tSB separation. 😅