Retro Fools Day

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It’s that time again to dig into your Dad’s closet and pull out those one piece powder suits, 210 skinny skis or your snurfer and steal your Grandma’s fanny pack! Retro Fools Day is back at Stevens Pass this year for another day of rowdy’ness and neon over-kill all to support the Service Board.

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What tSB did this Weekend

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tSB had a fun-filled, action-packed weekend. Half of tSB celebrated kick off, where Mentors and our newly selected Prophets met and got to know each other.

IMG_0848   IMG_0821

Other members of tSB, namely our 12 remaining volunteer Snowboard Instructors spent the weekend at Stevens Pass learning from Coaches and getting trained on AASI Level 1 curriculum. We are now all trained and ready for our first day on the Mountain… in 34 days!




tSB is pumped for the start of our 19th Winter Season together!!!!   

Invitation to Cook for tSB & Be a Meal Team Volunteer!

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All of our volunteers are critical to the functioning of the Service Board, but a Meal Team volunteer  serves in a special capacity. As you may know, tSB’s success is reliant on the depth of the relationship between mentors and youth. Our Meal Team Volunteers provide opportunities for our mentors and youth to bond while sharing a homemade meal on a Program, Service and/or Snowboard Day.
We’d like to share our Program Calendar and Meal needs with you to ask you to commit to one, two or as many meals as you are able by Friday January 31st. While logistics will be communicated with you after you have signed up for a date, essentially what you need to know is that we’ll provide the budget and you (or you and a group of your friends/family) make the food for a specified date listed on this Google Document. Please enter in ALL information, including phone number and email.
Thank you in advance to supporting the Service Board in this capacity. You will receive a confirmation email with more information within ten days of signing up for a specific date. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact me at 206-324-7771 or email volunteer@theserviceboard.org.
We look forward to eating your delicious food!!

Hemel Boards & tSB

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Written by Media Intern, James H. tSB Summer Program class of 2012

In November tSB was invited to Hemel Board Company‘s shop to personalize some skateboards for the evo Grand Opening Party. Our new media intern, James put together this post:

Anna's turn with the paint.

Anna’s turn with the paint.

Going to the Hemmel board shop was definitely an experience I will never forget. I got a chance to go and make skateboards! Not everyday kids get to be apart of the manufacturing and designing of skateboards.

Tommy is stoked.

Tommy is stoked.

It wasn’t what  expected, it was more. I thought we would be in a computer lab designing graphics on a computer then printing them out onto screen sheets then baking them to the boards or however board designers get fancy graphics onto boards. Instead, I got to paint a graphic by hand on a no kick-tail old school cruiser board. The design came out better than I expected. I wrote out initials in the back of the board (tSB) and wrote my name in reverse (semaj) on it. The board is unique to me because it is something I have definitely dreamed of doing all my life as a skateboarder.

The finished product! A James Hopkins original.

The finished product! A James Hopkins original.

This opportunity was probably one of the greatest days of my life so far. I don’t know exactly how my friends Anna Nguyen and Tommy Teav felt but they were laughing,


smiling and cheering the whole time. I would say they had a total blast! It’s also awesome to know that the proceeds from our boards go towards letting other youth like myself to have this experience.

The dudes over at Hemmel Board shop were way cool and chill. They made the whole process so interesting and fun. They are some of the chillest dudes I know – they manufacture skateboards and they invited me to come back and  make some more. With a offer like that I don’t think I can refuse it!

This is me.

This is me.

Happy Holidays!

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Peer Leader As the snow falls in the mountains, the candles are lit and the trees decorated we at tSB would like to take a moment to focus on a few of our favorite things.

First and foremost YOU.  All of you who make up this big diverse tSB family of ours. Whether near or far you make tSB a success. Our Mentors!  This year we have 10 (mostly ) new mentors who are willing to give their time and energy to grow and learn with tSB youth. Our Youth! 2013 will usher in the 18th year of tSB and we have 35 fresh faces ready to go on the tSB adventure with us. On a mountain or in Washington Hall they are willing to push themselves to new heights. Our awesome volunteer Snowboard Instructors—without you we would never get to our feet!  All of our great volunteers and interns; we couldn’t fill our bellies, wax our boards, or get any pretty pictures without your tireless efforts.  The Board! Without you working behind the scenes, tSB, well, just wouldn’t be.  And don’t think we could forget our Peer Leaders! Those amazing youth who work so hard to plan program, train mentors, and be exemplar leaders for  everyone.  All of these things make  tSB. the Service Board  is hands down our favorite thing because as one of our Peer Leaders put ittSB makes me feel like a family. That has my back no matter what. ” 

Thanks for always having our back and may your holidays be filled with love!

Thinking and Thankful

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Pro snowboarder, Think Thank mastermind, superstar at Mervin Mfg, and an awesome friend to tSB, Jesse deserves a huge shout out for always being one of the first to help tSB when we are in need. We just have a few words to say thank you, but the greatness of our gratitude could powder the tallest of mountains!

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tSB Summer Recap

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Last week we showed off our summer program accomplishments with a tSB art gallery opening at the Piranha Shop. More than 50 people came through to see their photography, silk screens, drawings and blown glass. After student speeches and a graduation ceremony, we premiered their culminating project: this awesome tSB video.

the Service Board – Summer Workshop 2012 from the Service Board on Vimeo.

With help from the rad women at Puget Sound Creative, tSB students learned to storyboard, film, interview and edit to produce the following documentary. Please enjoy, and if you’re inspired, consider making a donation to support more of this kind of programming and vote for tSB through the Chase Community Giving campaign!