In just the past 6 months, Jesse has contributed to tSB in so many ways. Busy by day as a pro snowboarder, Think Thank mastermind, and superstar at Mervin Manufacturing, he still finds time to show through for the tSB family.

During our summer skate program, he volunteered his time and skills to teach tSBers how to grind out concrete, donated his rad Box Scratcher boards to our hugely successful  Downtown Throwdown raffle, gave us a spot to promote tSB’s mission at Think Thank’s “Mind the Video Man” premiere, and bidded a huge amount at our soiree live auction earlier this November, then donated the board included in the package BACK to us to auction off again!!

It’s because of outstanding individuals like Jesse that tSB is able to thrive and continue to serve the youth of Seattle. We love you and thank you so much for giving so freely to support Seattlite youth, we are excited to see your generosity manifest in the class of 2013 and beyond.