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Pinewood Derby | May 10th

A Night at the Drags with tSB & The Piranha Shop

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Ever wanted to be a part of the world of drag racing?  Do you have the need for speed?

Grab your pit crew and muster up your inner speedster and join tSB for the Pinewood Derby Races at the Piranha Shop on May 10th!

Get your motors running and prepare for the race of your life.

Registration is $100 and includes your very own derby kit, limited edition t-shirts and a chance to win sweet prizes.  But you have to hurry—Registration closes April 30th. Derby kits will arrive April 25th giving crews (up to 5 members) a chance to build the ultimate glory chaser.

tSB youth work in small groups to create art, learn to snowboard, and develop service learning projects.  Just like them you and your team will have the chance to join together to build your creativity, problem solving skills, and your ability to collaborate.

Register today and help tSB youth to leave challenges in the dust!


May Day with tSB

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While the rest of the city celebrated, pushed forward or convulsed within it’s self after the May Day march and rally, the youth at tSB wanted to continue in the expositive spirit of May 1st and held a panel discussion and workshop with immigration rights group One America. The panel was kicked off by tSB Alumni and former peer leader Carlos who has dealt with the struggles of being an undocumented teen in Seattle. Second was Rawha Habte from One America spoke of her experience as a refugee from east Africa and what lead her to want to champion the rights of others. After which Rawha lead the entire group an a workshop on awareness of immigration issues. After some reflection time in small groups one youth peer leader Juan-Giovanni Williams Harris had this to say:

I think it [the current system] is unfair and very unjust due to the fact this country is based of immigration for means of bettering the conditions for oneself or family. It’s wrong to deny that right to anyone else because all they wish to do is be on the road of happiness – and the freedom land known as America has been known as putting people in a less trafficky lane to closer be to that success. Especially when one works harder than most of the native inhabitants of this country for less pay. It is very hypocritical and the American government needs to make it easier for immigrants to become citizens.

A very personal issue to many of the people associated with the Service Board the discussion and work around this topic isn’t finished by a long shot.

First day on the hill

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This Sunday will be our first trip to the mountains with a new group of students. We’ll meet at Youngstown at 7am to load a bus to Snoqualmie Pass. The first day is always hard, but this year more than 20 volunteers have signed up to help instruct. Snowboarding is an important part of tSB’s programming. Not only do our students gain access to a sport that they might not otherwise have an opportunity to participate in, they also gain courage, confidence and how to get back up after they fall down. They learn to BELIEVE in themselves.

“Believe” by Paris from the Service Board on Vimeo.

Happy Holidays!

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Peer Leader As the snow falls in the mountains, the candles are lit and the trees decorated we at tSB would like to take a moment to focus on a few of our favorite things.

First and foremost YOU.  All of you who make up this big diverse tSB family of ours. Whether near or far you make tSB a success. Our Mentors!  This year we have 10 (mostly ) new mentors who are willing to give their time and energy to grow and learn with tSB youth. Our Youth! 2013 will usher in the 18th year of tSB and we have 35 fresh faces ready to go on the tSB adventure with us. On a mountain or in Washington Hall they are willing to push themselves to new heights. Our awesome volunteer Snowboard Instructors—without you we would never get to our feet!  All of our great volunteers and interns; we couldn’t fill our bellies, wax our boards, or get any pretty pictures without your tireless efforts.  The Board! Without you working behind the scenes, tSB, well, just wouldn’t be.  And don’t think we could forget our Peer Leaders! Those amazing youth who work so hard to plan program, train mentors, and be exemplar leaders for  everyone.  All of these things make  tSB. the Service Board  is hands down our favorite thing because as one of our Peer Leaders put ittSB makes me feel like a family. That has my back no matter what. ” 

Thanks for always having our back and may your holidays be filled with love!

Thinking and Thankful

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Pro snowboarder, Think Thank mastermind, superstar at Mervin Mfg, and an awesome friend to tSB, Jesse deserves a huge shout out for always being one of the first to help tSB when we are in need. We just have a few words to say thank you, but the greatness of our gratitude could powder the tallest of mountains!

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Step out to the tSB Art Walk

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Summer is drawing to a close and tSB is showcasing the amazing work Seattle youth have been doing throughout the greater Seattle area.  During the summer months many teens are faced with a large amount of time and very few positive ways to fill it. tSB has answered this community issue by giving youth the opportunity to explore positive expression through art,  volunteer opportunities and skateboarding. Now our youth want their story to be heard through the Art of tSB

Come hear and help share this story.  Our youth have spent the summer learning the art of documentary films and have crafted their own films about their summer in tSB. They have been educated by Puget Sound Creative in every aspect of building a film including storyboarding, interview and marketing. The youth have filmed their skateboarding progression and the impact of their service learning projects around different Seattle skate parks. The summer has also included other art projects that will be on display including silk screening, bench making and glass blown pieces.  In order to give the full spectrum of work in the arts, the youth were introduced to careers in the art field including touring the Mervin Manufacturing company and seeing how art and design make can come together to make snowboards!

The event is free and open to the public. There will be light hors d’ oeuvres and a short presentation to highlight the impact of the tSB Arts in Service program.



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We have the most awesome E.D. ever. Period.

We’re feeling really refreshed and loved at the tSB office today after a successful Soirée last week. Big shout out to our Peer Leaders (second-year tSBers) for their phenomenal energy and presence!

Family Circus

Thursday evening was graced with the signature Seattle rain: a dripping ocean from an icy gray sky with gusts of chilly wind between the drops. In the midst of the pelting downpour, within the shelter of warm velvety walls in the Georgetown Ballroom, was an epic event readying to unfold.

The smell of salty popcorn, corn dog hors d’oeuvres, and cotton candy circulated the room as youth tSBand, Smooth Technique, jammed out R&B and jazz tunes onstage. tSB youth were out and about, mingling and handling all the details to make sure the night ran smoothly, from the neatly folded napkins to the perfected heartfelt speeches about how tSB changed them as young adults. An aerialist danced in the air, our clown photographer Desiree (tSB alumnae!) snapped stills, and Patrick Wrights‘ circus-themed was spammed with happy faces as dapper youth and mentors served platters of food by The Leary Traveler

It was a great night to remember with heartfelt stories from the youth about how tSB has changed them as young adults, and a perfect opportunity for the them to mingle with the community whose support made it all possible. The soiree truly was a tSB family-made effort, and we appreciate everyone who attended and contributed to another year dedicated to pushing growing edges.

Dynamic Duo, PL Baati and mentor Aldrin!


If you missed it, tSB is here year round! Check out the photos from the photo booth and Desiree Gross, and a clip made by the tSB youth for you!

Great way to introduce  the holidays with a bang!