May Day with tSB

By May 3, 2013tSB News

While the rest of the city celebrated, pushed forward or convulsed within it’s self after the May Day march and rally, the youth at tSB wanted to continue in the expositive spirit of May 1st and held a panel discussion and workshop with immigration rights group One America. The panel was kicked off by tSB Alumni and former peer leader Carlos who has dealt with the struggles of being an undocumented teen in Seattle. Second was Rawha Habte from One America spoke of her experience as a refugee from east Africa and what lead her to want to champion the rights of others. After which Rawha lead the entire group an a workshop on awareness of immigration issues. After some reflection time in small groups one youth peer leader Juan-Giovanni Williams Harris had this to say:

I think it [the current system] is unfair and very unjust due to the fact this country is based of immigration for means of bettering the conditions for oneself or family. It’s wrong to deny that right to anyone else because all they wish to do is be on the road of happiness – and the freedom land known as America has been known as putting people in a less trafficky lane to closer be to that success. Especially when one works harder than most of the native inhabitants of this country for less pay. It is very hypocritical and the American government needs to make it easier for immigrants to become citizens.

A very personal issue to many of the people associated with the Service Board the discussion and work around this topic isn’t finished by a long shot.