tSB Retreat 2014

Recruiting Mentors

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Mentor. A word with over fifty definitions if you search hard enough. In its most basic form, it means β€œA wise and trusted counselor or teacher.” Or in the transitive form, β€œto serve as a trusted counselor or teacher.” But strict definitions of a word can hardly begin to explain what it truly means to be a mentor.

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Caitlan is a tSB LifeSaver!

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Caitlan Grassi is a Cherry lifesaver for tSB Staff! She has spent numerous hours cleaning and organizing our gear basement spent days in our office inputting data and making thank you cards, and has been a go-to server at our events. When in doubt we know we can rely on her.

Caitlan quietly gets things done but tSB notices!

We love you Caitlan for rolling up your sleeves and doing whatever we need–especially the smiles.

Thank you for being a volunteer shoulder that we can lean on!

Thinking and Thankful

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Pro snowboarder, Think Thank mastermind, superstar at Mervin Mfg, and an awesome friend to tSB, Jesse deserves a huge shout out for always being one of the first to help tSB when we are in need. We just have a few words to say thank you, but the greatness of our gratitude could powder the tallest of mountains!

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Pai Pongsupaht

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He's gonna hit ya with that tSB flavor.


Pai is tSBrilliant! He’s the mastermind behind tSB’s growing Food & Nutrition program, the cool cat that served as a dope mentor, and an awesome Board member. He has taught us a lot about what it means to live well, eat well and love compassionately. These days he’s been feeding Seattle’s appetite in his Thai-Hawaiian food truck, Pai’s, which is uber popular! Even though he’s super busy with his business, Pai always makes time for tSB, and for that, we are thankful. You’ve given us not only food for our tummies, but food for thought. We love you Pai!