Rosa’s first run

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Prophet Rosa works through some nerves on her first trip up the lift and gets ready to rip it up on her first snowboarding run ever. Rosa and the rest of the Service Board’s White Center program hit the mountain at Summit Central this weekend.

She might have been scared in the beginning, but Rosa’s post-boarding facebook status?

OMG! snow boarding is FUN!”

Now Accepting Applications

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Keep an eye out-

Summer Program applications will be available in June 2010

With the tSB crew, you’ll snowboard (no experience required), hit the streets for awesome service projects, cook and eat like royalty, make art, learn about social justice and yourself, and be part of a family with a bunch of adults & youth who will transform in front of your eyes.

photo by Canhsolo

photo by Canhsolo

Sorry, applications are closed.

We do our spring riding with the Easter Bunny.

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This month, the crew from Spacecraft joined us at Crystal Mountain for a sunny day of shredding. The week before, they welcomed us into their office to share the story of the guerrilla hat, sticker and design label that has taken over Seattle. They inspired us with stories of building your business through noodle boxes, student loans and trips to Bali. We can’t wait till summertime when we’re going back to make stickers of our own. Keep your eyes peeled for the snowcat and give ‘em some love.

Big thanks to Pat Wright for the photo!

tSB at Summit

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Mentor Adam gets ready to ride.

Mentor Adam gets ready to ride.

Hello, my name is Michael Tate. I just turned 16, and I attend Franklin High School. I was a prophet in tSB last year, and decided to come back this year to contribute my skills as a snowboard program intern.

Over the past few wonderful weeks I have seen true color added to the atmosphere of the ski resorts. Snowboarding with tSB… well, it has been just amazing the way the tSB love has been transferred into this beautiful art of snowboarding.

Last Sunday was our third day up at the Summit and all of the hard work is really starting to pay off. All of our prophets are progressing very fast (give or take a few). Many of the prophets in both SEP and WCP have done a great job of picking up the sport, and have really soaked up the loving experience of tSB. Some have even given back to the mountain in the form of snow angel art.

I am really excited to shred with all of the new prophets and teach them some filthy skills.

Shreddin at Summit

Shreddin' at Summit

(Thanks to Canh for the awesome pictures: