Pai Pongsupaht

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He's gonna hit ya with that tSB flavor.


Pai is tSBrilliant! He’s the mastermind behind tSB’s growing Food & Nutrition program, the cool cat that served as a dope mentor, and an awesome Board member. He has taught us a lot about what it means to live well, eat well and love compassionately. These days he’s been feeding Seattle’s appetite in his Thai-Hawaiian food truck, Pai’s, which is uber popular! Even though he’s super busy with his business, Pai always makes time for tSB, and for that, we are thankful. You’ve given us not only food for our tummies, but food for thought. We love you Pai!

Lu’au Recap

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In the sun of last late August, we held our annual tSB Lu’au, where tSB family and friends came together at the Nectar Lounge to celebrate another successful year of tSB programming and the community that gave a hand in crafting it. Pairing together Hansen’s soda pop and Pai’s yummy Hawaiian plate lunches, the audience soaked up sun while live music by tSB artists such as Khingz, Militant Child, and Paris Randall played on the main stage. The floor was packed with dancing bodies, and the line for Pai’s kalua pig, lemongrass chicken, organic tofu, and special tSBlue Marlin was wrapping around the corner! It was the perfect opportunity for everyone to say hello and good bye to summer, especially the students that are going back to school for the fall.

The highlight of the night was definitely the pie eating contest! Each contestant had 3 platters of chocolate-puddin’-pie placed in front of them. At the mark, the competitors began to chow down on the pies, painting their faces with pudding. After five minutes, a tie between Peer Leader Maryyah T. and tSB friend Justin W. was declared! Congrats and thanks for being such great sports!

The other contests that we had throughout the night included Best Hawaiian T-shirt (which Nico, left, won. What’s more Hawaiian than no shirt at all?) and a raffle that included prizes such as a year’s supply of Caffe Vita coffee and chocolate, a rad Spacecraft art piece, and a backpack chock-full of snowboarding gear and goodies!

After all the contest fun and live performances, the mic was open to a night of karaoke. SWV’s ‘Weak’, Aretha Franklin’s ‘RESPECT’, and Jagged Edge’s ‘Where the Party At’ were performed by youth, mentors, and friends. After Viral performed, he was so inspired that he proposed to our Board Member Aparna (she said yes). Everyone was sharing laughs and making awesome memories that tSB is known for.

Thank you to all of the guests that made the lu’au a blast!

Check out all of the photos from the Lu’au here!

Special thanks to our sponsors: Nectar Lounge, Pai’s Foods, EJK Accounting and Tax Services, Where Ya At Matt, Pacific Continental Bank, Caffe Vita and Via Tribunali, Spacecraft and evo.

funky fresh flavor

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Mentor Francesca in line for food at the retrEAT at Cornet Bay.

Mentor Francesca in line for food at the retrEAT at Cornet Bay.

My name’s Jessie and I’m a new prophet. A little background about me: I am the main “chef” for F.E.E.S.T (though I don’t think I’m that good to have such a title) and I learned about tSB from Ashley when she used to cook for F.E.E.S.T.

Related to my semi-profession, I’m here to talk about the food at tSB. It’s pretty amazing. Every program night, tSB starts out by feeding everyone the delicious food I am going to talk about. Though I don’t want to release the top secret food that can ONLY be experienced at tSB, there are some awesome chefs among the staff, mentors, and prophets. Maly and Mike are a tough tag team to beat (hopefully by me and my partner) when talking about curry. Stephany is also in a league of her own with her cultural explosion chile and rice. I can’t even start with Ashley and her cobblers. Mentors like My-Hanh, Esther, and Chris showed off their skills at the retreat by preparing salmon, super mac and cheese, and the best chicken adobo I have ever experienced. For prophets, I know there are some skillful hands out there that are hiding, but I’ll post the information when I get it. I think this is the end of my blog, WOOOOOOOOO! TSB (WC!)

Side note/P.S: F.E.E.S.T is a program at Youngstown that happened every Wednesday evening from 5:30 to 7:00 where all youth are welcome to come and break bread at the table as well as discuss about issues surrounding food, community, and whatever is up. What is up? YOUTH-OCRACY! It’s a place to enjoy other people and to just kick it.

For more info about F.E.E.S.T. visit http://king.wsu.edu/foodandfarms/KCFFIYouthCoordination.html or contact Hollis Wong-Wear at hollisw <at> dnda.org.