Ashley is moving on.

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Over the next six months I will be making my transition from Executive Director to the tSBiggest fan. It has been such an honor to work with the amazing tSB staff and community. While I will no longer be serving as ED, I will always be a part of the tSB family.

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Matthew Therrien

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On April 6th, tSB lost a dear friend and mentor, Matthew Therrien. Matt was involved in a car accident on Sunday morning (4.6) in Hilo, HI and did not survive the incident.

We celebrated his life on Sunday, April 13th at Alki Beach Park.

Thank you so much to those of you who were able to join us. Matt has been a phenomenal mentor and will always be a part of our family. He helped us to re-imagine masculinity and modeled how to be a respectful, vulnerable and loving man. He believed in each of us so much that we had no choice but to believe in ourselves. He laughed and sang and made us embrace our inner-nerd. Matt was a talented poet and worked hard to finish his degree, which is being awarded posthumously by the University of Hawaii, Hilo. Matt will continue to be a leader in our community and lives on in every life that he has transformed.


An Amazing Dream about Family

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We got this note today and had to share tSB Mentor Josefino’s dream…

Had the most amazing dream and woke up and had to share it with everyone. TSB was having a retreat in my hometown In Oaxaca, Mexico. Everyone I have met since I started in the program were there but especially Mickey Suwanchote and Ashley Miller. We were camping alongside the river when I realized we weren’t that far from my Grandmas home and we should stop by and visit her. We showed up to my Grandmas home unannounced. My grandma comes out of her kitchen and is surprised to see so many people on her property.

She sees me, hugs me and asks “who are all these people” but in my native language. I tell her “these people are my family.” She smiles and asks us all to come inside her little wooden kitchen. She pulls her clay pot off the fire and tells me she was making a beef stew and that she didn’t expect company and this is all she has to feed us on such short notice. We all go and grab a clay bowl and start serving ourselves. I head outside to get everyone who didn’t go into the kitchen and I clearly remember asking Alberto Mejia to come try some of my grandmas stew and he drops everything he’s doing, gives one of his amazing smiles and runs into the kitchen to get a bowl of stew. We are somehow able to feed everyone and I do have to end up borrowing a few bowls from my aunt next door but it turns out great.

We all sit around talking and me translating back and forth because my grandma only speaks our native language. As it gets dark I suggest that our heart circle be done around a big fire right where we always made them when I was growing up. The sky is clear and the night a bit chilly but we all sit around the fire and share our hearts with one another. I am so happy to share this special place with my tSB family and that you got to meet my grandma even if it was just in dream. I thank you all for being such amazing people and for showing my grandma the same love you show me even if its just a dream but I know you would have done so in real life as well. You may not have ever physically traveled with me but I know your hearts were and have been there with me always.

P.s. I do also recall that at some point I was hoping we could all go into town because in the winter time we have so many festivals happening and I wanted everyone to experience one and try some tamales.

Lu’au and Golden Boot recap

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On Sunday we celebrated another great year of tSB with our Lu’au & Golden Boot Awards Ceremony at Nectar Lounge. After sharing a delicious meal prepared by Pai’s Foods (with help from tSB superstar volunteers), tSB grad Tyra and Summer participant James lead us through a great program.

We honored three incredible community members:

tSB Mentor, Josefino Sanchez Salazar
Volunteer photographer, Justin Chan
Board Member and Sponsor, EJ Kim of EJK Accounting & Tax

After the awards we continued to celebrate with the smooth grooves of the incredible Kore Ionz.

Mylinh also shared the impact that tSB’s programs have had on her:
Through this year tSB has been my rock by providing me endless support, my teddy bear when I needed a hug, my cushion when I fell, and my tissues when I had issues. The people in tSB are among some of the most amazing individuals I have ever met. Everyone has had a part in teaching me to love myself and to never compromise who I am.


Of course the stars of the night were our very own cover band, Baby Goodnight, who brought the house down with their renditions of Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby.