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First day on the hill

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This Sunday will be our first trip to the mountains with a new group of students. We’ll meet at Youngstown at 7am to load a bus to Snoqualmie Pass. The first day is always hard, but this year more than 20 volunteers have signed up to help instruct. Snowboarding is an important part of tSB’s programming. Not only do our students gain access to a sport that they might not otherwise have an opportunity to participate in, they also gain courage, confidence and how to get back up after they fall down. They learn to BELIEVE in themselves.

“Believe” by Paris from the Service Board on Vimeo.

the Summer Board according to Tyvon

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The tSB Summer Program… Dang, there’s so much to say about it, yet, I could never really grasp everything in a paragraph. I’d like to first start off though, that I really am grateful to have joined the program. Much like the winter program, we alternate between service projects, and boarding; it’s just that in the summer, we skateboard, not snowboard, and yup, just as thrilling. This occurs on the Mondays that we meet, and on Wednesdays, we go to various places such as glass blowing in Tacoma, to staying at Youngstown to work on our video project component of the program. I seriously love and appreciate this program because not only do I get time to go to different places and skate, this program benefits me as a person and a student. While getting our service hours, we get to learn things such as gardening, and mentioned before, glass blowing! All while meeting new people who all have dope personalities. Not only do these things help us in the future, it leads us to finding a new way to express ourselves. All I have to end this is that this is such a sick program and I recommend it to any high schooler who not only wants to get their hours done, but to try new things. And of course, thank you to our sponsors and teachers!

White Center Food Bank

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It's Spring in West Seattle!

tSB gives back to the community helping the Food Bank reorganize its storage, restore its landscaping. and repack donations for those in need.

Out with the old.. in with the new!

Who doesn't love frozen pizza?! (More at jaychanphoto.com/tsb)

Art in the Park

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Sunday was a great day! tSB family, friends, peer leaders, mentors, alumni, and potential Prophets (1st year students) put their creative hands and minds to use to finish an intricate art mural at the Delridge skate park. What an awesome way to give back to the neighborhood we call home! After 5 hours of working in the last of Seattle’s summer sun, we put the finishing touches onto the tile mosaic.


This Saturday will be Delridge Day, and the official opening of the Delridge Skate Park. Come visit us and witness the awesome legitness of tSB art yourself. We’ll be there, so come around and get to know us!