We are super excited to be hosting an intern on behalf of the city of Seattle’s Seattle Youth Employment Program. We’ve asked her to share a little about herself below. She’ll be working on learning how to write grants, manage our gear inventory, and whipping our office into a more organized state. Please join us in welcoming her to the tSB summer team. Here’s a little information about the newest member of the tSB family:

Sarah Keller is a Seattleite who spent three years working in the Buddy Program, mentoring children with disabilities. In 2014, she received a peace award from advocating for Mental Health Awareness and the Stop Bullying Project. Sarah is a student at SouthWest Cultural Arts Center, graduating early with a 3.0, and plans to go to college to major in Sociology.

Sarah likes to spend her free time writing poetry, drawing, hiking, and loving her five quirky cats. Her ideal vacation would definitely be hiking down Shi Shi Beach in the Olympic National Park, and setting up camp on the sand. Although Sarah has many passions, she wants to take action towards the growth of a more accepting society when it comes to race, gender, and sexuality.

Sarah has many goals for her future, such as working in Child Development, advocating for Mental Health Awareness, becoming skilled in a variety of different Arts, and owning at least three big dogs.