People often ask us: ‘Why is snowboarding such an important part of tSB programming?’ Last Sunday, tSB completed all seven scheduled trips to Stevens Pass and the Summit at Snoqualmie as part of our 2016 six-month core program, and after more than sixty hours of incredible riding, the answer is undeniably clear.

Snowboarding is at the core of tSB programming because it provides an ideal experiential learning platform for students to push their growing edge. Many tSB students have never been to the mountains, let alone ridden a chairlift with a snowboard strapped to their feet. Students are uncomfortable, excited, nervous and curious. Alongside adult mentors, some of whom are also learning to snowboard for the first time. Students overcome their fears and soar to new heights while cementing friendships and acquiring an invaluable set of life skills: learning to depend on a community of support, exercising vulnerability, safely exploring their fears, and most importantly, enjoying their lives and themselves.

Back in Seattle, while engaged in a Wednesday night workshop processing life experiences or exploring opportunities, we often refer back to the lessons encountered on the mountain and pull deeper meaning from our days spent snowboarding together.

Our trips to the mountain this year were outstanding. We had snow, lots of laughter, and even some sunshine. Many thanks to all of our business sponsors and two dozen volunteer snowboard instructors, who dedicated over 50 hours each of their time. We are forever grateful for your support and thank you for being an integral member of tSB’s family.

For our final adventure of the year, we’re headed down to Mt. Hood to ride above the clouds, celebrate our community and wrap up an impactful and life changing year.