Service @ Labateyah Hall!

By April 25, 2011June 9th, 2011tSB News, Uncategorized

Easter Sunday, tSB volunteered at the United Indian’s Labateyah Youth Home, a transitional living space for 18-21 year old youth. Labateyah Hall had a clothing bank in disarray that needed functional organizing and a classroom with books to be shelved. After a tour of the building’s workout, music, office, and kitchen room, tSBers got to work, sorting out a mountain of black plastic bags, filled with donated clothes.

Upstairs, another crew of youth and mentors were cooking up a brunch. On the menu: golden hash browns, steamed rice, yummy green spinach, fluffy pancakes with butter and syrup, sizzled bacon, and hefty omelette. Yum!

After we ate up the delicious brunch, tSBers played intense matches of fooseball, carded Apples to Apples, drummed and strummed in the music room, pumped iron in the weight room, made hoops in the backyard, strolled in the garden patch, played catch, and even had a friendly dust-mop-stick duel with one of the Labateyah youth. Soon after, a Youth vs. Mentors Ultimate Frisbee game ensued and brought out tSB’s competitive streak. Mentors won this battle.

Closing with gratitude and announcements, you would’ve thought that it was end, but the tSB adventures continued! tSB swarmed over to Ben & Jerry’s for ice cream, bonding conversation, and skateboarding.

A few went to Matt’s house afterwards to paint Easter eggs and visit Njeri, who had injured her ankle. We delivered her own set of Get-Well-Soon Easter eggs. Best Easter ever!