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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Could you believe how HOT it was today? The weather forecast said it hit about 95 degrees, the hottest it has gotten so far all summer. I think tSB Arts in Service was pretty darn lucky to have been able to stay in cool shade almost all day. How, you may wonder? Today, we spent the morning and early afternoon working with Nature Consortium under the Duwamish Green Belt. Buffalo, one of the experts on the Greenbelt, explained to us why it was so important to take care of the forest and our ecosystem. One of the things he said that I think stuck with us a lot was that trees provide so much shade for people! He told us that it’s degrees cooler under trees than under direct sunlight, and we could really feel that while we helped remove invasive Himalayan blackberries. More than worrying about the heat, we were freaking about the mosquitoes that seemed as if they were eating us alive. Bear Naked, a local all natural food company also came and provided us with some yummy granola and yogurt. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention that guy walking around playing his clarinet and providing us with great music while we worked! It was a great beginning to our day, I must say.

Once we finished, we headed back to Youngstown to get started on the art part of our day. Duffy, a local artist and kickass snowboarder, gave us a little intro on found art, and we got started being creative out in the sun! We moved tables and chairs, and we went outside to make collages, spray paint, create sculptures, and just have fun with random materials that Duffy had found and that we had found. We turned other peoples’ junk into our treasures. It was a good first day of exploring our inner creativity!

– Tammy, your summer intern J

Jonathan, Baati and Duffy

Jonathan, Baati and Duffy get ready to do some srpay painting!


Kat creating a collage!