Snowboarding Trip #2!

By February 22, 2010February 24th, 2010Uncategorized

Man I was so anxious to board this Sunday because it was the final
day of mid-winter and I wanted to end it with a bang. Turns out that
it was going be a great day. Warm temp and nice weather, couldn’t ask
for anything more! But what I could have asked for was some snow! It
was so icy and slushy. So suspect and it was tough in the beginning
but we managed it through. The morning learning group that I was a
part of consisted of Denise, Anna, lulu, biggie, Nina, ankober and
yours truly. We decided to call the group team vouge for the morning.
Haha classic right? Anyways, our learning group did well. Our
beginners were doing really well and detemined to get better every
step of the way and they did at the end of our session and I was so
proud of them. The afternoon free ride group had me, Tammy, Melissa,
Raymond, aldrin, chev, Travis, Justin, adian and jeremy together as a
whole. We had many great runs together, most on the run called
central. One weird moment came when there were a pack of shirtless
snowboarders going down as we were going down. It wouldve been funny
if they had fallen and well without any clothing, you know what’s
coming next. Overall, great trip and can’t wait for our next one which
is going to be my fav mountain, Stevens! So ready for that!

Here’s a little video of what went down on Sunday!