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Man, I so needed TSB at the moment because of what happened at the start of school after winter break. Getting your phone stolen is not a fun thing but I’ll manage to get through this. I needed to get my mind off that issue and get into the collective space that TSB brings to me every night right away.

Anyways, I knew tonight was going be special. To have a pro snowboarder come to our neck of the woods was going be a great experience and also of the fact that it was theatrics with Stephany! Her beautiful self knows how to get our minds and ourselves flowing with great energy and I knew we were going be in for a big night. To start off the night, Lulu started us off with her woosic, which was provided by her good friend, Skim. She did an amazing job. Combing her style and elements from Bob Marley was simply beautiful to listen too and I loved hearing it. Next, we had a brief presentation from the pro snowboarder herself, ALEXIS WAITE! She was great and for her to come out of her very busy schedule to come and talk to us, I simply am thankful for her for doing that. She had many stories to share. How she started, why snowboarding, how is her life now, injuries and all the works! Truly greatful you came out to our program night and hopefully you shall come snowboarding with us soon :).

Finally for the main event, theater! To get us pumping, the fabulous peer leaders gladly volunteered to help stephany with her crazy flows by adding our on crazy beats to it. After that, we started off with the group exercise of “Ideas of walking” and we simply do that idea within one another. What came after that is the crazy game of sounds and the “word” game. We simply get a sound moving around the circle for the game of sounds then for the word game, we tell a story using mainly one word we choose, then the fun part was everyone participated by having their fingers down on a palm and when you hear that specific word, we try and grab the finger before it comes off the palm. Crazy right? Yeah I know. Group activities came with the group story telling and the object game. My group and our story telling mainly composed of food and crazy antics that you normally would find weird yet funny. The object game was fun. Our group had the tape cutter object and it turned out great for us to us. The family groups skits was hilarious and well thought out, so I gave everyone much praise on a job well done *clap clap. Last, came the game of movement within 4 people sitting in a chair. This game simply shows the smallest movements can turn out to be the biggest and most memorable of them all. To sum up the whole theatrics night, this night simply showed how much you can let yourself out in ways you know others might find not compelling but know it’s the right feeling once you’ve stepped outside your box. Communication also factored in today and the fact is everyone in this space contributes a different energy one way or another and we all feed of it and it turns out great in the end. Much fun tonight and thanks Alexis for the signed posters and stickers you gave out in the end! Ready for Sunday! Lets get ready to help ICAF! Check out the video below of my fam groups improv skit and our fam bam pic with Alexis!