We be tapin’!

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All Community UPDATE!

I am honored to announce that our very first confirm that The Service Board has been selected as a participating partner in the Flip Video Spotlight program.

This means The Service Board can now order Flip Video products through a matching purchase program.  For each purchase of a Flip Video Ultra 60 minute camcorder at $100, Flip Video provides TSB with a matching unit!

South End Prophet Jaytee Teav wrote the video camera proposal last month with the hopes of creating more opportunities for himself and other TSB youth as well as developing his own filthy skills in video recording and community organizing.  Big thanks to this Jaytee for his amazing leadership and initiative!  We are indeed grateful for his loving and humble spirit in our community and even more excited to see all of the amazing new experiences he is sure to tell through his creative vision!

When told the good news that his proposal had been accepted, South End Prophet Jaytee Teav replied, “UNH SUN!  If it’s fresh!  It’s here!  Now we’re about to record some banging sessions at Mt. Hood and in the skate parks!  We can get the word out to people in general about who we are and how we roll!  We can document our neighborhoods, our lives, and a beautiful day like this one!”

And a beautiful day it is indeed!  Our first two cameras arrived today!  Just in time for our trip to Mt. Hood tomorrow!  Be sure to stay tuned in to see some amazing videos of us up on the mountain and around town!  We’ll be sure to keep you posted!  And if you want to donate funds for more cameras click here!

THANK YOU: http://www.flipvideospotlight.com
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