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Mentor Francesca in line for food at the retrEAT at Cornet Bay.

Mentor Francesca in line for food at the retrEAT at Cornet Bay.

My name’s Jessie and I’m a new prophet. A little background about me: I am the main “chef” for F.E.E.S.T (though I don’t think I’m that good to have such a title) and I learned about tSB from Ashley when she used to cook for F.E.E.S.T.

Related to my semi-profession, I’m here to talk about the food at tSB. It’s pretty amazing. Every program night, tSB starts out by feeding everyone the delicious food I am going to talk about. Though I don’t want to release the top secret food that can ONLY be experienced at tSB, there are some awesome chefs among the staff, mentors, and prophets. Maly and Mike are a tough tag team to beat (hopefully by me and my partner) when talking about curry. Stephany is also in a league of her own with her cultural explosion chile and rice. I can’t even start with Ashley and her cobblers. Mentors like My-Hanh, Esther, and Chris showed off their skills at the retreat by preparing salmon, super mac and cheese, and the best chicken adobo I have ever experienced. For prophets, I know there are some skillful hands out there that are hiding, but I’ll post the information when I get it. I think this is the end of my blog, WOOOOOOOOO! TSB (WC!)

Side note/P.S: F.E.E.S.T is a program at Youngstown that happened every Wednesday evening from 5:30 to 7:00 where all youth are welcome to come and break bread at the table as well as discuss about issues surrounding food, community, and whatever is up. What is up? YOUTH-OCRACY! It’s a place to enjoy other people and to just kick it.

For more info about F.E.E.S.T. visit http://king.wsu.edu/foodandfarms/KCFFIYouthCoordination.html or contact Hollis Wong-Wear at hollisw <at> dnda.org.