Jaesun is one of our summer teaching artists!

Summer Drop-In!

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We have some sweet opportunities to come hang out with tSB this summer – hiking trips, service projects, BBQing! Sign up by clicking the links and we’ll follow up with the complete details. We can’t wait to see you!

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Street League!

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Written by Anika and Chiloe

Last weekend tSB took a trip to Portland for our first annual Summer Retreat! We went to Portland because the Rose City was hosting this year’s Street League competition. Street league is an international completion for professional skateboarders hosted by ESPN 2 and put on by Nike SB and a bunch of other dope sponsors. tSB totally got the royal treatment.

tSB at Street League 2013

We stopped at the food trucks in downtown Portland for a hasty lunch before dropping off our stuff at the Portland State University dorms. Eager to get to it, we headed straight to the Rose Garden Arena where we spent most of the afternoon. The skaters in the group, that is, most of us, were really geeked to see some guys like Torey Pudwill (who gave one of our own a pair of headphones) and David Gonzalez, hanging out and signing stuff at the entrance. On our way out, Eric Koston and his kids were there. You should’ve seen some of our dudes’ faces. It was adorable. We got an amazing tour of the arena from Street League extraordinaire Yulin which included an exclusive look at ESPN’s central media command! Before leaving the arena, Yulin and her team told us all about how they started working with Street League and how the skills we learn at tSB could help us great, creative jobs like that too. Finally, we watched the pros practice for a bit before heading to Ed Benedict Skate Park to do some practicing of our own.

Shan learns to skate.

That night we made pizza together and bonded as a group. After an early morning Voodoo Doughnuts breakfast run the next day, we stopped at the famous Powell’s Bookstore and visited one more skatepark to practice before heading back to the Rose Garden to watch Street League 2013. It was an AWESOME weekend.

We’re Hiring: Coach Across America Position

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We are excited to announce our search for an awesome person to fill a part-time Coach Across America position.

This position will be focused on supporting the Service Board’s outdoor programming, including snowboarding trips, skateboarding instruction, service-learning projects and retreats. The position will be responsible for efforts to recruit, coordinate and track tSB volunteers. This person will play a major role in refining the snowboarding program curriculum and serve as the point-person for on mountain days.

The Coach will coordinate and track information for volunteers; provide orientations, communicate necessary instructions in a timely manner and keep contact information in Salesforce. They will support stewardship of tSB partners and sponsors. Additionally, they will work with tSB staff to support the management of the Food Program, working with volunteers to facilitate healthy and culturally relevant meals at tSB programming.

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Hemel Boards & tSB

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Written by Media Intern, James H. tSB Summer Program class of 2012

In November tSB was invited to Hemel Board Company‘s shop to personalize some skateboards for the evo Grand Opening Party. Our new media intern, James put together this post:

Anna's turn with the paint.

Anna’s turn with the paint.

Going to the Hemmel board shop was definitely an experience I will never forget. I got a chance to go and make skateboards! Not everyday kids get to be apart of the manufacturing and designing of skateboards.

Tommy is stoked.

Tommy is stoked.

It wasn’t what  expected, it was more. I thought we would be in a computer lab designing graphics on a computer then printing them out onto screen sheets then baking them to the boards or however board designers get fancy graphics onto boards. Instead, I got to paint a graphic by hand on a no kick-tail old school cruiser board. The design came out better than I expected. I wrote out initials in the back of the board (tSB) and wrote my name in reverse (semaj) on it. The board is unique to me because it is something I have definitely dreamed of doing all my life as a skateboarder.

The finished product! A James Hopkins original.

The finished product! A James Hopkins original.

This opportunity was probably one of the greatest days of my life so far. I don’t know exactly how my friends Anna Nguyen and Tommy Teav felt but they were laughing,


smiling and cheering the whole time. I would say they had a total blast! It’s also awesome to know that the proceeds from our boards go towards letting other youth like myself to have this experience.

The dudes over at Hemmel Board shop were way cool and chill. They made the whole process so interesting and fun. They are some of the chillest dudes I know – they manufacture skateboards and they invited me to come back and  make some more. With a offer like that I don’t think I can refuse it!

This is me.

This is me.

Step out to the tSB Art Walk

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Summer is drawing to a close and tSB is showcasing the amazing work Seattle youth have been doing throughout the greater Seattle area.  During the summer months many teens are faced with a large amount of time and very few positive ways to fill it. tSB has answered this community issue by giving youth the opportunity to explore positive expression through art,  volunteer opportunities and skateboarding. Now our youth want their story to be heard through the Art of tSB

Come hear and help share this story.  Our youth have spent the summer learning the art of documentary films and have crafted their own films about their summer in tSB. They have been educated by Puget Sound Creative in every aspect of building a film including storyboarding, interview and marketing. The youth have filmed their skateboarding progression and the impact of their service learning projects around different Seattle skate parks. The summer has also included other art projects that will be on display including silk screening, bench making and glass blown pieces.  In order to give the full spectrum of work in the arts, the youth were introduced to careers in the art field including touring the Mervin Manufacturing company and seeing how art and design make can come together to make snowboards!

The event is free and open to the public. There will be light hors d’ oeuvres and a short presentation to highlight the impact of the tSB Arts in Service program.


the Summer Board according to Tyvon

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The tSB Summer Program… Dang, there’s so much to say about it, yet, I could never really grasp everything in a paragraph. I’d like to first start off though, that I really am grateful to have joined the program. Much like the winter program, we alternate between service projects, and boarding; it’s just that in the summer, we skateboard, not snowboard, and yup, just as thrilling. This occurs on the Mondays that we meet, and on Wednesdays, we go to various places such as glass blowing in Tacoma, to staying at Youngstown to work on our video project component of the program. I seriously love and appreciate this program because not only do I get time to go to different places and skate, this program benefits me as a person and a student. While getting our service hours, we get to learn things such as gardening, and mentioned before, glass blowing! All while meeting new people who all have dope personalities. Not only do these things help us in the future, it leads us to finding a new way to express ourselves. All I have to end this is that this is such a sick program and I recommend it to any high schooler who not only wants to get their hours done, but to try new things. And of course, thank you to our sponsors and teachers!