Ashley is moving on.

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Over the next six months I will be making my transition from Executive Director to the tSBiggest fan. It has been such an honor to work with the amazing tSB staff and community. While I will no longer be serving as ED, I will always be a part of the tSB family.

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Guest post by NhiMy and Lisseth!

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Photo by Evann Strathern

Hello fellow readers, welcome to the tSB blog! If you don’t know already, the Service Board is a year long youth empowerment program where we gather together a group of youth and mentors to discuss about social justice within our community on Wednesday nights as well as eating dinner together. In addition, we alternate between community service and snowboarding on Sundays. This program enforces youth to push their growing edges and gain a whole new sense of family. So, let’s get to the main part, shall we?

This past Sunday, February 23, 2014, tSB 2014 went up the Summit at Snoqualmie for the first day of snowboarding. The day started off with check-in, boarding people and things on the bus, along with lots of chattering and singing (what I think is the sound of totally excited prophets)! Continuing with this boost of excitement, was the movie that played on the bus which consisted of snowboarders doing all sorts of tricks. Before we all knew it, we were on the mountain! *snap, snap, snap, clap, clap, clap*

After we hopped off the bus (shout out to bus driver Mark!), everyone gathered boards and coolers to the lodge. We soon split up into our family groups and went our own way. With the help of awesome and very well-trained snowboarding instructors, mentors and peer leaders, our new riding prophets glided down the fresh powder of snow for the first time! tSB was lucky to have had such a nice day and a fresh dumping of powder to fall into on our first trip up in the mountain.

I can still hear the strapping of the boards. There were prophets that constantly fell and others that rode like superstars, but despite all the falling and potential bruised buttocks, our tSB prophets continued to improve their posture and stances. On top of building up their confidence and boldness that reached to the depth of their sore toes! One word to describe them? Fearless.

Around 1:30, family groups met back up at the lodge where we were supposed to head home, but due to chain difficulties on the bus, we ate lunch instead. As more people returned, everyone tiredly carried the items back to the bus and came back to form a large gratitude circle. In tSB, a gratitude circle is what we usually do at the end of program days and say what we are grateful/thankful for, something new we learned, or  shout outs to certain people. In this case, of course, positive comments illuminated the air. ( : All in all, this snowboarding opportunity that tSB has to offer, creates stronger bonds and smiles on the faces of old and new riders. Most of all, we are all totally stoked for snowboarding day 2!!!

Now accepting applications!

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HEY! Are you a high school student? Live in Seattle? Need community service? Want to learn to snowboard and meet awesome people? You qualify to be a tSB prophet!


Download the application now.

What to know before you apply:

  • Starting 1/5, tSB meets every Sunday & Wednesday. Wednesday meetings take place at the Lodge Room in Washington Hall from 6-8:30pm (153 14th Avenue | Seattle, Washington 98122)
  • Sunday, we’ll be alternating between community service and shredding mountains!
  • There’s a $35 fee per snowboarding trip, scholarships are available. (We provide the gear, lessons and buses to the mountain)

Colleen Willoughby Youth Civic Engagement Award

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We are honored!

Shan at YCEA

We were recently recognized as one of City Club’s five organizations receiving the Colleen Willoughby Youth Civic Education Award. We are pleased to represent programs throughout Washington State that are doing an outstanding job of teaching civic skills, providing youth with the opportunity to give back to their community and engaging citizens in democratic decision-making,

Street League!

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Written by Anika and Chiloe

Last weekend tSB took a trip to Portland for our first annual Summer Retreat! We went to Portland because the Rose City was hosting this year’s Street League competition. Street league is an international completion for professional skateboarders hosted by ESPN 2 and put on by Nike SB and a bunch of other dope sponsors. tSB totally got the royal treatment.

tSB at Street League 2013

We stopped at the food trucks in downtown Portland for a hasty lunch before dropping off our stuff at the Portland State University dorms. Eager to get to it, we headed straight to the Rose Garden Arena where we spent most of the afternoon. The skaters in the group, that is, most of us, were really geeked to see some guys like Torey Pudwill (who gave one of our own a pair of headphones) and David Gonzalez, hanging out and signing stuff at the entrance. On our way out, Eric Koston and his kids were there. You should’ve seen some of our dudes’ faces. It was adorable. We got an amazing tour of the arena from Street League extraordinaire Yulin which included an exclusive look at ESPN’s central media command! Before leaving the arena, Yulin and her team told us all about how they started working with Street League and how the skills we learn at tSB could help us great, creative jobs like that too. Finally, we watched the pros practice for a bit before heading to Ed Benedict Skate Park to do some practicing of our own.

Shan learns to skate.

That night we made pizza together and bonded as a group. After an early morning Voodoo Doughnuts breakfast run the next day, we stopped at the famous Powell’s Bookstore and visited one more skatepark to practice before heading back to the Rose Garden to watch Street League 2013. It was an AWESOME weekend.