tSB Interns get down and dirty

Internship at evo

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I think everyone is dying to know how we survived in blazing 85 degree heat and how the “city-slickers” fared with manual labor farming. You could say I’m normally the ‘eat food but don’t know where it comes from’ type of person but that day everything changed because I was ready to get down and dirty.

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Hemel Boards & tSB

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Written by Media Intern, James H. tSB Summer Program class of 2012

In November tSB was invited to Hemel Board Company‘s shop to personalize some skateboards for the evo Grand Opening Party. Our new media intern, James put together this post:

Anna's turn with the paint.

Anna’s turn with the paint.

Going to the Hemmel board shop was definitely an experience I will never forget. I got a chance to go and make skateboards! Not everyday kids get to be apart of the manufacturing and designing of skateboards.

Tommy is stoked.

Tommy is stoked.

It wasn’t what  expected, it was more. I thought we would be in a computer lab designing graphics on a computer then printing them out onto screen sheets then baking them to the boards or however board designers get fancy graphics onto boards. Instead, I got to paint a graphic by hand on a no kick-tail old school cruiser board. The design came out better than I expected. I wrote out initials in the back of the board (tSB) and wrote my name in reverse (semaj) on it. The board is unique to me because it is something I have definitely dreamed of doing all my life as a skateboarder.

The finished product! A James Hopkins original.

The finished product! A James Hopkins original.

This opportunity was probably one of the greatest days of my life so far. I don’t know exactly how my friends Anna Nguyen and Tommy Teav felt but they were laughing,


smiling and cheering the whole time. I would say they had a total blast! It’s also awesome to know that the proceeds from our boards go towards letting other youth like myself to have this experience.

The dudes over at Hemmel Board shop were way cool and chill. They made the whole process so interesting and fun. They are some of the chillest dudes I know – they manufacture skateboards and they invited me to come back and  make some more. With a offer like that I don’t think I can refuse it!

This is me.

This is me.

tSB @ Evo 10 Year Anniversary

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Staff Sarah and Peer Leader Mickey; Their dynamic charm is what got everyone to bid!

What a way to start off the weekend! Friday was Evo’s big 10 year bash, and we are grateful to had been a part of it! Thumping music, mannequins showcasing the latest snow gear, glowing platforms with dancing 6 year olds in wayfarers, live painting artists, a vintage snowboard gallery, free cupcakes, tshirts, stickers, food… Evo 10 Year was the place to be. Not to mention the radical line up we had for our silent auction. Trips to Mt. Bachelor, entire snow outfits, huge gift certificates, and so much more was up for grabs for DIRT CHEAP! All the entry and silent auction proceeds went to tSB, and for that, we are super thankful! Thanks for being so awesome Evo!

For those who couldn’t make it, don’t be bummed that you missed out! The snowboarding industry has a lotta love for the community. Our friends at the Piranha Shop are having a special movie premiere of the “Bottom Line” this Friday, doors at 8:30pm. tSB will be there with a raffle (cheapest way to win!) and awesome prizes, as always. See you then!

Dressing as a pirate is encouraged!