You may recognize Elaine’s name or face by a statement she made during the give big campaign 2020:
“tSB strengthened my passion for helping and empowering others, which I never knew I could do. It helped me realize the power of my voice. tSB has become a part of my chosen family, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Elaine (she/her) resides in south-end Seattle and currently attends Lindbergh High School and Bellevue College. She is working towards an associate’s degree in arts and science.

This is her 4rd year in a row being a part of the tSB community. Elaine was a Prophet (1st year youth) her Freshman year, a Peer Leader (2nd year youth) her Sophomore year, the Development Wintern during her Junior year, and now the Program Wintern during her Senior year of high school. Being in tSB has taught Elaine so much, from being okay with being vulnerable to realizing that her voice CAN make a change.

In her time with tSB, Elaine has created the tSB takeover segment on Instagram, initiated the creation of our Youth Advisory Board, and built an irreplaceable love for our tSB community. tSB has changed Elaine’s life and she hopes that she will continue to be involved with tSB in the future… wherever the future takes her.

When her life isn’t so crazy, Elaine loves to create. She bullet journals, paints, bakes, penpals, and has a growing interest in true crime stories.