Benjamin “Benji” (he/him) rejoined tSB in late June 2021. Benji is excited to re-join tSB as the Director of Programs and looks forward to furthering the work of this amazing organization.

Born in the South and raised in Detroit, MI, Benji first came to Seattle in 2012 to complete his graduate degree at Seattle University. In 2014 Benji was introduced to tSB and immediately his life changed for the better. Benji began mentoring as a graduate student and his experience with tSB gave his education tremendous context and insight. So much so that Benji’s master’s thesis was based on the tSB model of community.

Shortly after graduating Benji began working with tSB as a Program Coordinator and Program Manager to continue providing a safe-space where youth could discover their identity through community building, establishing healthy relationships and critical self-reflection – all within the framework of social justice and cultural awareness.

Benji is deeply in love with the arts and is an avid collector of new experiences. He’s played in bands, sang in choirs, formed Hip Hop groups, flown a plane, performed at Carnegie Hall, jumped off of buildings, and even been spotted dancing once or twice!

He wholeheartedly believes in the power of community and is dedicated to fostering inclusive, equitable spaces that transform our lives and create a more just society. In his free time you can catch Benji making art, running trails or packing a bag for his next adventure.

To learn about tSB programming, please reach Benji at