Happy New Year!

By December 31, 2013tSB News
As we approach a new year and the launch of our winter program with the tSB class of 2014, a little reflection:
the Service Board has been pushing its growing edge every day of 2013. What does that mean? It’s a phrase that our youth use all the time, usually to describe a meaningful moment when someone takes a leap of faith to accomplish something big. In this case, it means that tSB is growing!
This year alone, we’ve:

  • Hired two incredible new staff members: Jill Kinison, Outdoor Program & Volunteer Coordinator and Sara Pournoor, Program Coordinator.
  • Purchased a much needed 12-passenger van with a grant from the Boeing Employee Community Fund.
  • Grew our summer program to include paid youth internships with Rudy’s Barbershop.
  • Worked with the United Way & 501 Commons to improve our volunteer experience.
  • Cultivated partnerships with Coach Across America, YDEKC and School’s Out Washington to strengthen the quality and outcomes of our programs.
  • Started the process of visioning for organizational growth in 2014 and 2015.

If that weren’t enough good news, this fall, tSB received the Colleen Willoughby Youth Civic Engagement Award and we were recently nominated for a prestigious award from the Road Map Project — what a great year it has been!

Thank you so much for being a part of our success. We cannot wait to keep pushing our growing edge with you in 2014!

If you would like to make an end-of-year donation to support our programs now and in the future. THANK YOU! You can make a gift online here.
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