Desiree and Ashley!

We met Desiree in 2010 as a Prophet in our White Center program. After three amazing years with this lovely lady, we can definitely tell you that her heart is just as big as her smile. She served last year as a Peer Leader for our program, demonstrating excellent leadership qualities, and was one of the head photographers that turned out many of the beautiful pictures you see on our website. Despite being president of her class and immensely busy in school, Desiree made it a point to give back to tSB every opportunity she got.

Finally accepted into her dream school, the University of Washington, she aspires to major in international business with a minor in Japanese (kawaii! ^_^), in hopes of “creating a business that will help support people that cannot afford the help they need.”  Her secondary plan is to pursue architecture and create a firm that specializes in sustainable, affordable housing.

“I’m not sure what that would look like yet, but I”m determined that it will be a positive experience.” Indeed, Desiree, we’re more than sure that you’ll do big things for world! Dont’ forget us when you’re famous. (:

Bubble bending

Here’s a piece of Desiree’s reflection on her  years with tSB:

“tSB changed me to be a better, caring person. I felt like I was just a person who said hi to everyone but now I actually can take the time and make the effort to start a conversation with someone! Especially to strive and meet new people. Also, without tSB I also wouldn’t have been able to push myself to do things I didn’t think I was capable of. Before, I just did things that made me comfortable and I stayed in my comfy little box. But when I was exposed to snow boarding or certain service projects, I really had to step out of my comfort zone and take a chance of something. SO… THANK YOU tSB! Thank you for molding me to be an even better person that I am today. As well as for always giving me support and the family that I didn’t have. tSB is an amazing program that provides youth, like me, to find themselves and also finding their hidden, magic abilities within.”

We love you Desiree, and we’re so proud of you. Thanks for being an amazing individual, and always keep smiling!