MCs On A Mission

By December 1, 2011January 15th, 2012tSB News

January marks a the beginning of a new year and a new class of tSBers. Our Peer Leaders (2nd-year students) and Mentors have been kicking into high gear since the start of fall to ready up for 2012. Between work and schooling, their calendars have been filled with team-building workshops, leadership trainings, curriculum planning nights, and a number of other meetings, all for the love of tSB and the passion to make every year a catalytic experience in social change. Now that we’ve finally selected our class of 2012, we’re happy to say that the tSB season is ready to kick off! What better way to do it than by launching our fourth MCs On A Mission project?

Check out our newest video by tSB volunteer Sheldon Botler. We’re feelin’ his dance moves. If you are too, make a donation to tSB to support our 2012 Program and help us spread the word!