By May 31, 2011June 9th, 2011tSB News

Have you been to Folklife? Sunday, the Service Board serviced the 40th annual Folklife festival at the Seattle Center. Under a puffy grey sky, street performers showcased their talents and skills at every turn, and food vendors flirted the delicious aromas of mouth-watering entrées into the air. Definitely one of the more unique Seattlite traditions, it is one of the very few instances where people of all generations, backgrounds, and heritages fuse together to celebrate food, music, art, and life.

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tSBers held it down by managing entryways and distributing food and refreshments for fellow Folklife volunteers for four sturdy hours. After working hard, it was time to play hard! tSBers enjoyed chilling out at the fountain in the company of hundreds of others, ate sugary fluffs of cotton candy, spectated the array of performing acts, and went to the Vera Project to support Social HeARTistry Educators (SHE). SHE’s extension, CRAVE (Cultivating Radical Activism, Vitality, & Education) is raising money to send a group of urban farming youth activist to make a radical difference at Rooted in Community, a food justice conference in Philadelphia.

Some tSBers that continued servicing at Folklife for several more hours were treated to the Beatles Laser show. A lot of our favorite songs were covered, such as “Hey Jude” and “Yellow Submarine”. Sadly they didn’t play “Strawberry Fields”. Boo!

Prophets that were first-time volunteers at Folklife with tSB described their day as “awesome” and “freakin’ fun”. Prophet Kimberly Z. says, “I would relive this day if I could.”

Bringing together fun, family, and community service is truly an art that tSB has mastered. We envision a future where we can have two (and eventually 3+!) programs to service more underprivileged youth from different communities in need. We have always relied on the hands of our community to help us help others. As a former Prophet myself, I can definitely testify as to how life-changing the Service Board family can be. We love visitors, so come on down on Tuesdays or Sundays to experience the love for yourself! Support tSB!!!