tSB Trip to the Museum of Glass

By March 20, 2011March 25th, 2011tSB News

Saturday, a group of tSBers banded together in Josefino’s white van and made their way out into Tacoma to the Glass Museum, where former tSB mentor April Surgent worked live, on-camera, in a “hot shop” for museum goers to spectate. After rounding up Anna, Eli, Francesca, Mickey, Mirkana, Sidney, Zach, and Zak, Josefino jetted off, weaving in and out of traffic. The passengers munched on a box of garlicky Ritz and cream cheese. After an hour or so on the highway, we finally found our way to the Museum of Glass. Beautiful glassworks graced the top of still waters and elegant glass flags of various nations suspended from the hot shop entryway ceiling. Inside, April sat in front of a crazy looking machine, holding up a petite glass cup to it, a sweet little cupcake etched into its transparent surface. She was happy to see us and we were ecstatic to see her!

tSBers lined the plastic red red seats and cheered support as she etched in fine details to the fragile glass cup. 30 minutes til closing, we all dispersed into the gallery, where they didn’t allow photographs, which makes sense but a total shame because it was awesome! After having our fill of gorgeous art, we went back to the Hot Shop, where April came to a closing. She saw us out with hugs and directions to our next destination: the taco truck!

After a little more sightseeing, we made our way to a little taco truck on the other side of town. There, Mickey discovered the mouthwatering goodness of legit, soft-shelled tacos, which led to a craving for pho and burgers. Refueled, the team made their way back to Seattle, home sweet home.