Know Your Rights

By March 29, 2011tSB News

Last Tuesday, criminal defense attorney Robert Flennaugh spoke to tSBers about their rights, many that were brand new to most youth and mentors. Did you know that recently, Washington law had changed so that the police aren’t allowed to search your car without a warrant? It is no longer confined to only your locked compartments!

Robert taught us the 7 rules to always remember when dealing with cops for the upper hand:

1. Shut up. Anything you say will be used against you.
2. Don’t lie. It will be used against you.
3. Don’t run. This is a bad idea. Especially if you haven’t done anything wrong.
4. Ask for a lawyer upon arrest.
5. Ask if you can leave. If they say yes, collect your things, and walk away.
6. Say “I do not consent to a search”.
7. DON’T BE STUPID! Meaning, be polite and follow the 7 rules!

Youth and mentors acted in skits, playing roles of regular citizens and cops, simulating real-life situations in which the two conflict. At the end of the day, tSBers were empowered with knowledge that gave them leverage when dealing with cops.

Stay tuned for updates from the Poverty and Hunger Banquet!