First Program x PL Meeting!

By January 22, 2011January 28th, 2011tSB News
Clinton's tShirt on program night.

Clinton's tShirt on program night.

Last Tuesday, tSB had the first program night of 2011! We came together to share a delicious, hearty home-cooked meal, courtesy of Maly O. Afterwards, we put our memories to the test with the Tarp Name Game, then created icebergs and shared more deeply about ourselves. Thanks to Rosa, we had cake to celebrate Aman, Ben, Frani, Kim, and Mai’s tSBirthdays this week!

Peer Leaders hard at work to plan the details of the tSB Retreat!

Peer Leaders gathered at tSB HQ on Thursday to discuss the details of the upcoming tSB Retreat at Sound View. Be prepared for fun and surprises!

This Sunday for program, meet at the tSB Office at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center to get fitted for snowboarding!

Click for Google Map Directions to Youngstown!

The green arrow points to the tSB office! Buses 125 and 120 will drop you off right in front of Youngstown from downtown.