tSB 2.0 New and Improved

By October 9, 2010October 16th, 2010tSB News

Amazing types have been passing through tSB’s doors now for 15 years. To be specific, there are 572 of us. So when I hear tSB is facing some serious challenges, I don’t even sweat it. We have the muscle, the brain cells, the bucks and most importantly the drive to keep tSB’s doors open and turning out awesome product – like us! We got this, let’s do it.

Driving tSB right is phase one. Phase 2 is taking care of all of us. What if we get each others backs like we did when we were in the program? Damn, remember the confidence you had when you walked in and tSB started shouting you out?

I’ll be continuing to post news and emails about opportunities for uniting our squad and supporting the program. I’d love to hear your ideas. Email me: franklin@theserviceboard.com”

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