tSBig Love by Aaliya

By April 22, 2010Deep end of the pool

Sitting here in the tSB office, sitting at Matt’s computer, I had come to the realization that I have never loved tSB more! Just thinking about how far I’ve came since tSB is outstanding!

Since tSB I’ve gained so much confidence in myself and whatever I do. I can speak in public more easily, I can actually be proud of the things I accomplish. I feel like tSB has became such a big part of me, and I want to stay with it as long as I can, actually if you guys didn’t know I will be taking Ashley Miller’s job! Just kidding, fooled you didn’t I! But I plan to work my way up from prophet to peer leader to mentor to taking Ashley’s job!

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I entered tSB, but I’m so thankful I made the choice to join such a wonderful program and make so many new friends. We all know that life can be stressful sometimes right? Well since tSB all my stress has disappeared, I can always have something to look forward to! I have always been a person who closes their heart, doesn’t share much personal info, and stays a good distance away from people I don’t know. TSB has given me the chance to break out if my shell and now look at me! This is my second blog entry on the tSB website! Overall, tSB is something I want to stay with for as long as I possibly can! I LOVE YOU TSB!