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Last chance to give in 2010

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Make a gift in 2010 to support 2011

High school can be rough. As teens we try to figure out who we are and where we fit. For many, just one person – a coach, family member or teacher – can make a huge difference. TSB programs and mentors make that difference. Over the last year you have helped to ensure that even through hard times, we can continue to build a community of strong youth. TSB changes the lives of everyone involved and provides an incredible space for young people to realize their potential. Thank you for supporting our work.

Go online to make your tax-deductible gift before midnight on Friday, December 31st.

Happy New Year from everyone at tSB. Here’s to another year of strengthening community!

Board Tuning

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waxin' and scrapin'

Yo we were here killin’ in the base, prepping snowboards for the upcoming tsbangin’ sessions! Over here we got LaQuan, Anna, Chanmali, Aldrin, Amina, Julie, Taylor, Pai and Tizita. Sharpening and hot waxin’ it on these snowboards. Ah, that sweet aroma of hot wax lurking in the air.

We will be here again next Monday which is December 27th prepping the last of the snowboards, come if you like and kick it! It’s going to be a great, great, great year. Peace.

-jaysteazzzzzy (tSB class of 2009)

Prophet Selection re-cap

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A seriously fun night. Photo by Anna.

A week ago we did the prophet selection for the 2011 class of TSBers. While we had to make tough decisions on who gets in and who doesn’t,  the process altogether was a ton of fun I ended up seeing a lot of people I hadn’t seen in a while and it gave us time to catch up on each other’s lives. In the end we ended up choosing a total of 35 students from 21 different schools and many with different ethnic, social, and economic background. Picking prophets this year was my first time helping with that aspect of the program and it made me really excited for this  upcoming year and I am sure that it will be fun kicking it and helping out with TSB.

(Blog post written by Emanuel)

So that…

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Last Sunday tSBers spent some time talking about our vision for the year. One of the activities we did was have everyone write a “SO THAT” chain. They were assigned to pick an aspect of our program and break it down the most basic outcome that we are trying to achieve. They were inspiring! Here are a few of our favorites.

  • tSB leverages snowboarding as a tool SO THAT the youth can experience inner and community leadership skills SO THAT they can uplift and encourage everyone SO THAT there will become a positive constant change SO THAT we all can live a happy, healthy, wealthy, lifestyle.
  • The Service Board stresses the importance of wholesome, home-cooked meals SO THAT youth in the program will learn to think critically about their diet and health SO THAT they will learn to think about the concepts of nutrition and food justice SO THAT they can make informed decisions about what they eat SO THAT they will learn how to cook healthy meals.
  • Mentors become a part of tSB SO THAT we can help and inspire youth SO THAT we can empower our communities to b e aware SO THAT we can have better lives SO THAT the future can grow to be a safer, more beautiful place SO THAT people can get along better SO THAT we can love each other.

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Our awesome media intern Anna shopped this sweet photo.

Our good friends and awesome database volunteers are down in Cali learning how to work “the cloud” to our advantage. We want to give a shout out to Franklin and Sarah, may the SalesFORCE be with you at your conference! We can’t wait to hear what you learn to make tSB and the other organizations you work with stronger and smarter!

tSB on ESPN!!

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Snowboarding has always been more than a sport. It’s a community where people look out for each other. Those of us in it share bonds that people outside have a hard time comprehending, and most of us have developed a true respect for nature because we depend so much on it. Through snowboarding, we gain trust in ourselves and build confidence through progression. The Service Board realizes this and so snowboarding has played a critical role in their mentoring program since day one…

On Thanksgiving Day, the ESPN Snowboarding Blog featured this sweet article written by Matty Vanatta detailing the immense value of the Service Board’s programming. While everyone has faced new challenges over the last couple of years, we know we have a lot to be thankful for. If you want to help, please consider donating today.

2010 Soiree!!

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Thanks folks for making our Fare Start Soiree an evening to remember!!  Tasty food, heartfelt speeches and lovely people all around. Check out our gorgeous photostream by tSB media intern Anna and peer leader Jonathan:

World Dance Party!

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Eli & Liam breaking it down! Photo by Anna

Last Saturday, tSBers gathered in the 98118 to party down at the Southeast Seattle Senior Center’s World Dance Party. Props to Jonathan, Liam, Eli, Bonnie, J.J., Cristina, Marrianna and Anna for helping welcome, serve food, pass out glowsticks, and dancing with guests, making it a night to remember.

Jonathan is feeling the beat. Photo by Anna.