Where are they now?

By September 5, 2008September 25th, 2008Site Static Content

Where are they now?

Everyone comes to TSB at different places in their lives, and leaves TSB somewhere better. TSB alumni stories in their own words:

Varin Keokitvon
a.k.a. V-dog, V-ron
Age: 24
TSB since 2000

I’m glad I got involved with TSB because I would have been playing way too much videogames and not really doing anything. Being in TSB did have a big impact on how I’m living these days. If it weren’t for the people who opened doors and showed me new things, I probably wouldn’t be doing the things I do today. Everyone should get involved with TSB somehow. It will change their lives. If it doesn’t, you will still have the most fun you’ve ever had.

Saroj Daisy
a.k.a. The Sarojniac
Age: 23
TSB 2002

This coming school year I will be a senior at Kennedy High in Burien. We made resumes near the end of TSB which helped me get my job at PCC. My favorite part about TSB was the snowboarding and being with friends. I also am grateful for the people who put this program together because they helped me keep snowboarding in my life. And I met cool friends and I gained more confidence in myself. My least favorite thing about the TSB was gardening. I really don’t like weeding and planting at all but I still was a sport about it and went.

Shikita Trahan
Age: 26
TSB since birth

I was 14 years old when i started TSB. The youngest prophet this organization ever had, and I was why they made the requirement for high school kids only. I graduated in 1998, just before my son was born. I went straight to college at Washington State University. I am currently working on a history education degree, and hopefully getting a minor in political science. I found TSB as another home away from home. Learning about new people and their experiences, helping out in the community, giving speeches, seeing Seattle for what it really was about, and just being me.