About our Summer Programs


An 8-week internship program for youth under 18. Participants will gain hands-on, professional experience from the time spent at their local business work sites. Interns will also attend Wednesday morning training sessions where they will learn professionalism, goal setting, personal narrative, resume building, social media and self-marketing, personal finances, nutrition and eating on a budget, event planning, and public speaking.

A $600 stipend will be awarded to youth who are accepted to the internship program. If you have concerns about existing commitments or scheduling, please e-mail us at jchin@theserviceboard.org or chiloe@theserviceboard.org.

Apply here by Friday, June 24.


New Heights is an 8-week summer program for 18-22 year olds focusing on career & professional skill development, goal setting, and advocacy. It allows tSB to make good on our promise to help close the opportunity gap for our youth. Participants in New Heights will benefit from up to 64 hours of workshops and panel presentations from tSB staff and professional coaches, up to 64 hours of internship experience and opportunities to engage in extensive outdoor adventures.

We know our students emerge from their first years at the Service Board with a strong set of life skills and improved confidence that helps them succeed. Building from these outcomes, New Heights further supports our alumni in taking their next step into adulthood and ensures they have the tools, community and opportunity to thrive.  

Alumni of tSB programming, ages 18-22, must apply by Friday, June 24th 2016. If accepted, participants will start programming on July 8th with a kick-off event in West Seattle. From the kick off to the end of the program on August 24th, program participants will meet for a full day of workshops every Wednesday at the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center and spend an additional 1-3 days per week at an internship site.

Apply here by Friday, June 24.