Volunteer for Core Program!

We’re proud to have been supporting our community and the young people that live here for 25 years, and we could not have done this work without the amazing commitment of community members, such as yourself. The time and energy that our amazing program volunteers give is pivotal to each and every tSB youth’s experience throughout Core Program. Whether it’s on the mountain, at a community service project, or during our Wednesday workshops, we can promise that you’ll share laughs, frustrations, smiles, and great food as we work to build a more supportive, inclusive, and bold community!

About Core Program

Each year, the Service Board brings together a group of high school students and adult mentors from a diverse range of academic, racial, cultural and economic backgrounds to engage in our six-month Core Program. Program participants meet twice weekly from January through June. Weekday workshops focus on engaging discussions encompassing a broad range of social justice topics. Weekend activities during Core Program rotate between intensive service learning projects and snowboarding, hence our name: the Service Board.

Core Program curriculum addresses five core competencies:

  • Youth Leadership
  • Relationships & Community Building
  • Identity Formation
  • Positive Risk Taking
  • Social & Environmental Justice Engagement

Music, snowballs, fresh food and a sense of community are the common threads that tie the Core Program together. tSB emphasizes the importance of youth voice, supportive community and promoting positive risk-taking to build youth leadership skills.

Position Details & Application

Purpose: Are you passionate about empowering the youth? Do you love to make a positive influence? Then, a job as a youth mentor might be right for you. A mentor will coach, listen, engage, support or enable the youth to find their way through life. As a mentor, you may be asked to share life experiences, guide as well as motivate the youth and be a role model to explore life opportunities. 


  • Motivate and encourage youth and maintain a safe environment for all participants in trainings, meetings, etc.
  • Be present during meetings, monitor progress and report any issues or concerns to staff.
  • Be willing to hold space for hard conversations, listen to challenges and prioritize self esteem among participants.
  • Be compassionate and share your experience as needed to encourage the youth.
  • Collaborate with program staff to help manage program activities.


  • Understands our mission and vision or is willing to learn.
  • Has excellent communication skills and enjoys both one-on-one and group interactions.
  • A strong interest in learning about OR previous experience in community building, social justice, or coaching or mentoring youth is preferred.
  • A history of following through with commitments and the ability to communicate last minute changes or needs to staff directly.
  • Comfortable with some level of ambiguity.
  • Experience setting personal boundaries and practicing self care.

Time commitment and Events

  • Attend free local trainings prior to program
    • These will be held on 4 non-consecutive days in November (not the week of Thanksgiving)
  • Attend 2 virtual retreats, one in January/February and in May/June
  • Attend 80% of regular meetings between January and early June, including:
    • Wednesday evenings from 6pm – 8:30pm (held via Zoom), and 
    • Alternating Saturdays 7am – 4pm for Snowboarding
  • Attend final graduation in June (will take place on Sat from 11am – 2pm)


  • Build a network of supportive, lifelong relationships with peers and support youth in the community
  • Increase your professional. interpersonal, and leadership skills through free trainings and with the support of experienced staff.
  • Learn the inner workings of a community based organization rooted in social justice to become an effective advocate for others and yourself.
  • All meals (in accordance with dietary restrictions), equipment and supplies provided during program participation. 
  • Mileage reimbursement for use of personal vehicle at volunteer rate.
  • Opportunities to access to industry deals on gear, services and training through a variety of partners in our network.

Reports to: Program Manager

Applications are closed for 2021

Purpose: Do you love skiing or snowboarding? Do you enjoy teaching proper techniques to youth? Then a job as a snowboard instructor might be right for you. A snowboard instructor will teach the youth new skills or improve their skiing ability. As an instructor, you may be asked to teach snowboarding lesson, ensure equipment are well maintained, observe weather conditions, maintain safety and administer first aid if necessary.


  • Teach prophets, peer leaders and mentors how to snowboard.
  • Teach proper technique and maintain safety.
  • Be in a safe place and Call 911 in the event of an emergency.
  • Monitor progress, give feedback, assign more training to improve skills
  • Complete skills sheet after each lesson for each assigned student
  • Communicate with other snowboard instructors/ program manager/ volunteer coordinator when you need help.


  • Intermediate experience in snowboarding skills (Must be able to ride at least Blue Runs). 
  • Teaching experience not required, but advantageous.
  • Organize training and promote safety first.
  • Open minded, patience, fun-loving personality.
  • Excellent communication skills and enjoy supporting others.

 Time commitments and Events

  • Our season runs Jan – June
  • Attend Off-Mt Instructor training, to be held on 4 non-consecutive weekdays in November (not the week of Thanksgiving)
  • Attend both the On-Mt Instructor training and the Kickoff/Gear Day in mid January
  • 2 On-Mt days per month between Feb and April
  • On-Mt Closing Retreat in June

Break (this applies if more than two hours)

  • Ask for a break when you need one.
  • Notify your supervisor when you leave so that someone covers your spot.


  • Develop professional and leadership skills.
  • Impact and help the youth improve interpersonal relationship skills.
  • Watch youth develop transferable skills.

Report to: Snowboard Instructor Lead

Applications due OCTOBER 26th:

First Time Instructor Application

Returning Instructor Application

Your safety is our number one priority! This year, our program will follow a hybrid format, with Wednesday Night workshops being held virtually via Zoom. Additionally, our service-learning projects will be executed virtually (pen pals, online campaigns, etc). Optional snowboarding days will be held in person, in small groups with sanitation and social distancing guidelines strictly enforced.

NOTE: We are monitoring the developments of the COVID-19 pandemic closely. These programming plans are subject to change as public health recommendations change. tSB will adhere to CDC COVID-19 guidelines and Washington State’s Safe Start Plan.

Have questions regarding Core Program? Please contact us at info@theserviceboard.org.