An Amazing Dream about Family

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We got this note today and had to share tSB Mentor Josefino’s dream…

Had the most amazing dream and woke up and had to share it with everyone. TSB was having a retreat in my hometown In Oaxaca, Mexico. Everyone I have met since I started in the program were there but especially Mickey Suwanchote and Ashley Miller. We were camping alongside the river when I realized we weren’t that far from my Grandmas home and we should stop by and visit her. We showed up to my Grandmas home unannounced. My grandma comes out of her kitchen and is surprised to see so many people on her property.

She sees me, hugs me and asks “who are all these people” but in my native language. I tell her “these people are my family.” She smiles and asks us all to come inside her little wooden kitchen. She pulls her clay pot off the fire and tells me she was making a beef stew and that she didn’t expect company and this is all she has to feed us on such short notice. We all go and grab a clay bowl and start serving ourselves. I head outside to get everyone who didn’t go into the kitchen and I clearly remember asking Alberto Mejia to come try some of my grandmas stew and he drops everything he’s doing, gives one of his amazing smiles and runs into the kitchen to get a bowl of stew. We are somehow able to feed everyone and I do have to end up borrowing a few bowls from my aunt next door but it turns out great.

We all sit around talking and me translating back and forth because my grandma only speaks our native language. As it gets dark I suggest that our heart circle be done around a big fire right where we always made them when I was growing up. The sky is clear and the night a bit chilly but we all sit around the fire and share our hearts with one another. I am so happy to share this special place with my tSB family and that you got to meet my grandma even if it was just in dream. I thank you all for being such amazing people and for showing my grandma the same love you show me even if its just a dream but I know you would have done so in real life as well. You may not have ever physically traveled with me but I know your hearts were and have been there with me always.

P.s. I do also recall that at some point I was hoping we could all go into town because in the winter time we have so many festivals happening and I wanted everyone to experience one and try some tamales.

We’re Hiring: Coach Across America Position

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We are excited to announce our search for an awesome person to fill a part-time Coach Across America position.

This position will be focused on supporting the Service Board’s outdoor programming, including snowboarding trips, skateboarding instruction, service-learning projects and retreats. The position will be responsible for efforts to recruit, coordinate and track tSB volunteers. This person will play a major role in refining the snowboarding program curriculum and serve as the point-person for on mountain days.

The Coach will coordinate and track information for volunteers; provide orientations, communicate necessary instructions in a timely manner and keep contact information in Salesforce. They will support stewardship of tSB partners and sponsors. Additionally, they will work with tSB staff to support the management of the Food Program, working with volunteers to facilitate healthy and culturally relevant meals at tSB programming.

For more information or to apply, continue reading! Read More

Applications available!

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tSB is recruiting! Now is your chance to join the program as a youth (volunteers and cooks, we’ll be coming after you soon…)

Youth Applications can be found here and are due on November 16th. tSB is an awesome way to be surrounded by incredible people, learn a ton of new stuff, earn your community service hours and spend some quality time shredding at Stevens Pass, the Summit at Snoqualmie and Crystal Mountain this winter.

Hit us up if you have any questions. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Two Weeks!

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tSB has been rollin’ 2 weeks deep as of today! Our Kick Off was phenomenal, the first program night bonded the mentors to youth, and for our first Sunday service, we spent the snowy morning at WAPI envisioning what our year in service will look like.

Meeting the new class of 36 Prophets  is definitely the best way to start 2012. Sharing laughs, playing games, spending bonding time, and learning more about each other, and getting prepared for a year of service and shredding!
Thanks to Where Ya At Matt for catering tSB’s Kick Off for the second consecutive year! Your commitment to youth programming is outstanding. And thank you to tSB alum Rosario-Maria Medina for the delicious meal of taquitos, rice, beans, and yummy gelatin-free cookies. Way to give back to tSB! We are grateful for you.

So what’s next for tSB? We had to cancel our last Tuesday program meeting because of the thick snow that’s been pelting the city, but this Sunday we expect to bring youth through to tSB HQ at Youngstown to get their gear and prepare for the first taste of the mountains! If you’re experienced in gear fitting (finding the right size boots, board, and setting up bindings), we’d love to have you join us.