Carmen (she/hers/they) found tSB in the hallways of Cleveland High School after seeing the tSB Yeti on a friend’s hoodie and asking what it was about. She joined tSB as Prophet in 2014. Hungry for more civic engagement after helping start composting and recycling at Cleveland High school during her Junior year, Carmen knew she could benefit from a social justice curriculum.

Since then she has continuously showed support by volunteering, interning, and MCing (as you may have seen at last year’s Soiree). This September, we are thrilled to have join the tSB team as our new Program Coordinator.

Deep family roots of 5 generations make Carmen a true Seattleite. For Carmen that means always giving back and staying active in her community. Growing up in the CD (Central District) attending Rotary Boys & Girls Club starting at 2nd grade and going on to become a counselor-in-training and later supporting as staff, Carmen is no stranger to working her way up through experience.

She proves this time and time again as she did at Tilth Alliance (Formerly Seattle Tilth) where she started as a program participant and 6 years later worked her way up to becoming the program coordinator of the Seattle Youth Garden Works Program.

If you are interested in learning more about tSB programming, you can contact Carmen at