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Until Next Time

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Hey there tSB fam. Monique here. In case you have not heard, I will be leaving my role at tSB this week so pursue other opportunities. My journey as staff at tSB has been one I will never forget, and I am grateful to this community for being a part of my life. Thank you for the laughs, thank you for the support, thank you for the growth. This is an experience that has changed me for the better, and I am grateful.

To the tSB youth: Y’all are some of the coolest people on the planet! My interactions with you all challenge and inspire me in more ways than you know. Thank you all for making this job awesome!

To all of the tSB volunteers: Thank you! Your dedication to this community is so appreciated. I am grateful for your time, support, and friendship. I could not have done this role without you.

To tSB staff and the tSBoard: You are all such incredible professionals. Thank you for welcoming me to the team and supporting my growth. I miss you all already.

My transition will be a team effort, with staff and volunteers working together to ensure tSB’s program continues to run smoothly. Plans are in place and we are looking to fill this position quickly! We are hiring for a Program Manager and a part time Outreach Coordinator, so if you know any dope people, send them this way!

This certainly isn’t goodbye for me and tSB, but simply a see you later. I plan to return in many different volunteer capacities in the future. Sending you all much love, until next time.

#AskTheYouth 2020

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Hey there tSB Community! So nice to see you all again. 

It certainly has been one heck of a year. With all its twists and turns, surely we all have our own reflections on the past 9 months. tSB youth have certainly pushed their growing edge this year, and have shown great adaptability and commitment. Program staff checked in with some of them to learn their thoughts on some of the year’s major developments, and their hopes for the future. Keep reading for a summary of what we learned.

Starting with the ongoing pandemic. Navigating its impact has been a challenge. From getting used to wearing masks to saying bye to some of their favorite places in the city, a lot has changed and most youth agree it isn’t always fun. To be honest, spending spring and summer 2020 in the house has been a “pretty boring” experience.

From a social justice point of view, our society has faced some significant challenges this year. tSB youth have seized the opportunity to make their voices heard. Some have protested in the streets in support of Black Lives Matter, some have created websites to highlight activists in the community, and others have created online campaigns to promote wellness. Their creativity and commitment to staying involved in the community has been inspiring to witness.

As for the future, youth are hopeful for a COVID-19 vaccine and a return to normalcy. With optimism, youth (and staff) are looking forward to another great year of tSB program in 2021, even if we look a little different than usual. Whatever the future holds, the tSB community will continue to stand together to hold each other down.

Meet our 2020 Program Team!

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Hey there tSB Community! This is Monique Taylor, tSB Program Manager, here to give a few updates about the 2020 tSB Program! The Program Team has been busy at work getting our 2020 Core Program up and running. We have a dedicated crew of prophets, peer leaders, mentors, snowboard instructors, volunteers and staff this year and we are all excited to make this year one of the best yet!

We just wrapped up an awesome retreat to start our Core Program, a big thank you to the team at Islandwood who helped make this year’s retreat possible. It was an impactful weekend full of community building and connection, and some beautiful hikes through the woods on Bainbridge Island. Next, we are gearing up to have our first day on the mountain this Saturday! 

There have been many new developments on the Program Team in the last few months. First, a huge shout out and thank you to Cole Story. Cole recently stepped down as Program Manager, after two years as tSB staff. Cole has been influential in making our programs what they currently are, including leading the development of our inaugural Summer Leadership Impact Program (SLIP)! Cole will be continuing to support tSB as a Snowboard Instructor this year and we are grateful to have him around.

We also have some new hires on the program team! Carmen Berrysmith joined the tSB staff in September 2019 as our newest Program Coordinator. Carmen has been involved with tSB since she was in high school and has worn many hats across the organization! Carmen has been a Prophet, tSB Intern, Soiree Emcee, and has volunteered in many other capacities in recent years. Carmen has a ton of love for tSB and a natural talent for connecting with our youth. She has been the rock holding our programs down during recent staff transitions, and we are so excited to have her dedication and insight on the team!

I am also a new hire this year! I joined the staff as Program Manager this January 2020, and I am so appreciative to be part of the tSB fam! I have been busy learning the program and connecting with our youth and mentors. This past retreat has been my favorite part of joining tSB thus far. The support and love that exists in this community is strong. I have already gained so much from joining this community and have had a great time doing it! I look forward to deepening my connection to you all in the years to come!

Who Are the 2019 Summer Interns?!?

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We are excited to have Trina and Roda join our tSB community as our summer interns!


We sat down with them to pick their minds on what makes them so dope and why tSB.

Yeti: “Why did you choose a summer internship at tSB?”

Trina: “I didn’t know much about tSB before starting the internship. I was interested in getting out of my comfort zone, gaining work experience and being able to communicate with others. During my first day I learned that tSB provides youth in our community with opportunities to do fun activities and build leadership skills.”

Roda: “Before choosing tSB my SYEP Coordinator and I discussed my future goals. I have always wanted to work in the law and also help youth who are currently in the system get out and better themselves and receive opportunities they could never get. Then I came across tSB, an organization that caught my eye. Although I didn’t know a whole lot about this organization, I did know that they helped youth.”

Yeti: “What are you most excited to learn during your time at tSB?”

Trina: “I am most excited about developing my communication skills and interacting with a wide range of people. Also, I am super excited to work with my supervisor and plan tSB’s summer block party. So far some fun experiences I’ve had include grocery shopping trips for program meetings, creating videos and social media posts, and understanding all the hard work and time that goes into planning an event so it eventually comes to life.”

Roda: “I am most excited in learning how an amazing non profit like tSB runs behind closed doors and all the different tasks that need to be completed in order to provide the best services for youth. One task I am interested in is building connections with other organizations/business that will benefit youth who participate in tSB. I’m also excited in meeting new people and creating more fun memories with tSB Staff 🙂 “

Yeti: “Why is youth leadership important to an organization?”

Trina: “Youth leadership is important in an organization like tSB because tSB is an organization mainly focused on youth and it is important for us to recognize the power that youth may have that our society does not acknowledge.”

Roda: “Youth leadership is important to an organization because the youth of today are the future leaders of tomorrow. Without youth leadership our world would be lost since we are the leaders and what we do as a community whether it’s positive or negative it will affect us the most. Having a platform to learn how to communicate and work together will shape us in being better leaders.”

Yeti: “What are your plans after tSB?”

Trina: “After tSB I hope to stay connected to this program and potentially come back to help out or become a leader, as well as joining more internships program similar to this program.”

Roda: “After tSB, I would like to explore more ways I can give back to my community. I plan to volunteer with other non profit organizations that interest me and align with my future goals, and see where it takes me.”

Yeti: “What do you like to do in your free time?”

Trina: “I enjoy spending time with my friends and family or just having days to myself where I stay in and watch youtube videos or Netflix. One of my favorite movies on Netflix as of right now that I love rewatching is Another Cinderella story starring Selena Gomez.

Roda: “I enjoy spending quality time with friends and fam. I enjoying going to the movies, amusement parks, and exploring with friends. I also like Vlogging for non existent Youtube 🙂 and watching Youtube videos. I enjoy the outdoors bike riding, going to the beach, swimming and finding new places to eat.”

Meet Our 2018 Program Team!

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What’s up tSB Community?! Cole Story, tSB Program Manager, here to recap the year, and introduce our new Program Team! What a year it’s been for tSB – new faces, some Summer fun on the coast, and a successful Soiree event, just to name a few of our big moments this year! But before we go any further, we want to give a huge shout out to Benji Anderson. Benji stepped down as Program Manager earlier this year, and we are so thankful for his leadership, commitment, individuality, and general “dopeness” that he brought to tSB, both as a mentor, and as a staff member. We can’t say enough about Benji and his impact on the community, but his ability to build community and empower youth leadership inspire our team to continue carrying the torch. Thanks to Benji, tSB is stronger than ever, and we are ready for another 23 years of youth leadership, community, and shredding the mountains!

This past year’s Core Program featured an abbreviated program, as we refocused our intentions and commitments to mentoring youth and continuing to create a tight-knit community. From building community over food, to learning, listening, and discussing topics of race, gender, sexuality, homelessness, and more, to laughing, falling, and toe-side/heel-side turns on the mountain, tSB’s core values remain the same. As we look to the future, we’re so excited to continue building on our strengths, and to let the youth lead the way! Our Peer Leader group for the upcoming Core Program is full of ambitious, active, and creative young people! Just a month and half into the Peer Leader program, and they are already forming a tight group ready to lead the way for next year’s Core Program.

Earlier this year, I was hired on as the Program and Development Coordinator, and am now the new Program Manager. Stepping on midway through this past year’s Core Program was definitely a challenge, but I was immediately met with love, community, food, and fun. My first Wednesday Program night focused on self care. We rotated through stations that included free drawing, breakdancing, poetry, and yoga, and yooooo it was so much fun! I can’t dance, draw, do yoga, and I don’t consider myself to be a poet, but doing those activities with a new group, and with people trying new activities was, in my opinion, quintessential tSB. If I wasn’t hooked then, I was definitely hooked after the first retreat, and snowboarding for the first time with the group only cemented that. I’m so appreciative to have just jumped into this community, and to be so warmly accepted!

Speaking of new hires, a huge shout out to our newest members of the Program Team, Roedah Mansour and Eugene Oh! Roedah joined the team in September, and is our new Program Coordinator. Roedah has seamlessly jumped in, focusing her attention on working with the Peer Leaders and incoming mentors. A dynamic youth advocate, Roedah brings her creativity as a filmmaker, and her jovial and warm personality to the squad! We’re so stoked to have another powerful, woman of color on our team! Eugene stepped on as our Program Intern in October to complete his Social Work practicum. Eugene is completing his undergraduate coursework in both, Social Work and Computer Science, at the University of Washington. Since he’s stepped on, Eugene has been a welcomed addition to the team, bringing his positive energy, connecting with the Peer Leaders, and focusing on prophet and mentor recruitment.

As we get ready for next year’s Core Program, we can’t help but feel confident and excited! Look out for this new group of Peer Leaders and the new Program Team to continue building on tSB’s momentum!

–Cole Story, Program Manager


A Huge Thank You to PSCAA

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This summer, tSB partnered with Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (PSCAA) to educate and empower tSB youth to take community action regarding air quality and environmental justice. During the workshop, youth learned about common causes of air pollution, the regions and demographics that are most affected by poor air quality, as well as environmentally-conscious options to diminish emissions.

The youth were surprised to learn that “our air quality isn’t as good as we think it is, even though we live in the Pacific Northwest.” At the end of the workshop, we assembled clean air filter fans to install in the youth’s homes, which proved to be incredibly useful because just 2 weeks later, Seattle was covered in forest fire smoke. Look out for that PM2.5.

Check out the blog on PSCAA website!

What You Missed at the tSB Town Hall Meeting on October 26th

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Happy Holidays tSB Community!

On October 26th, members of our community, the tSBoard of Directors and tSB staff gathered at the 2100 building to have a conversation about the recent transitions at tSB and the future of our organization. We appreciate those of you that attended and all the invaluable feedback we received. We truly believe that any steps that we take toward strengthening and maintaining tSB must reflect the voices and opinions of the community that we serve.

We understand that there were many who were unable to attend. We still want to ensure that all of our members are informed of our work and have the opportunity voice their feedback as we move forward to continue our great work at tSB.

What happened over the past year:
– Leadership transitions over the last several years have been challenging
– Previous operational expenses and staff demands exceed current capacity
– Less aggressive fundraising
– Needed to cut expenses, which led to tough decisions – we had to lay of a staff member and reduce other staff hours
– The Board led an emergency fundraising campaign over the summer which raised $82,000 between July-September
– Interim ED, Chiloe Barrera-Cloyd left in August to go back to school. You can read more from Chiloe here.
– Lacie West started at the end of September as Interim ED to plan Soiree and manage current staff. You can read more about Lacie here.
– Sara Bloom departed tSB at end of September. You can read more from Sara here.

What are we doing now:
– Reducing expenses, conserving resources and securing budget relieving items
– Applying for more grants through utilizing an experienced grant writer
– Focusing on sustainability and fundraising and re-engaging with donors who have become disconnected from tSB
– Hired part-time development assistant and program assistant
– Greater utilization of volunteers
– Reduced program, which includes shorter timeline and smaller group of prophets, mentors, and snowboard instructors
– Asking for help from the community

What the next few months and beyond look like:
– Soiree was critical! Our goal was to raise $75,000 (we exceeded our goal!)
– Creative funding strategies: Creating formal, long-lasting partnerships and sponsorships to cut costs, prioritize funding research, solicitation and professional -grant writing, greater stewardship and diversity of funding sources
– Utilize volunteer base: Develop long-term volunteer/intern roles to be filled regularly
– Ensure that current staff members receive adequate support (includes professional development)
– Recruit board members that reflect the communities we serve : Actively utilize alumni and community networks, have a clear ideal profile to identify potential nominees, use our local networks (corporate and community), increase board visibility and transparency
– Keeping the community informed: email lists, alumni databases, reports/updates, media page on website
– Increase visibility: frequent website updates, updated collateral materials and more presence within community events/activities

Thank you for the incredible support you’ve given to tSB in many ways. During this year of transition, we’ve asked a lot of the community and haven’t always communicated with you as openly or as quickly as we should have. We’re committed to improving our lines of communication and are looking forward to this next chapter of tSB!

In community,
tSBoard of Directors

Soiree 2017: A Heartfelt Thank You to our tSB Community!

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Things have begun to settle down here in the tSB office, and we have had a chance to reflect on this year’s Soiree. Through all the struggle, transition and hard work needed to organize this event, we have felt the love and support from you all, our community, and we wish to offer your our most heartfelt thanks.

Thanks to you all, we raised about $79,000 and surpassed our fundraising goal for Soiree! We never could have done it without you! There is still time to make a contribution: if your company participates in a matching gifts program, please make sure to get your donation matched. If you are looking for another way to support the Service Board, consider becoming a monthly supporter!

We would like to invite you all to celebrate the success of the Soiree with us, and the efforts of our fantastic staff at our upcoming tSB Happy Hour event after the holidays. Keep an eye on our website for details.

To all our volunteers, we hope you had as much fun as we did! Be sure to check out our photo gallery for the Soiree here.

Looking for Other Ways to Get Involved?

Serve as a Mentor | Each year, adults from around Seattle volunteer their time to build community and make a difference. It is a big commitment, but one that changes the lives of all participants! Our online application is due Nov. 27.

Volunteer | Apply your skills in office administration, coordination or facilitation to our multiple volunteer roles throughout the year. We are working diligently to update our volunteer page – stay tuned!

Attend an Events | Mark your calendars – tSB Program Kickoff is on February 24th! Time and location coming soon!
Sponsor a meal for one our program nights – because we can’t build community on an empty stomach!

Sponsor a Meal for one our Program Nights | We can’t build community on an empty stomach!

We also welcome individual donations of new or gently used winter gear to make sure our youth stay safe and warm on the mountain.

Message to the tSB Community from the tSBoard

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Dear tSB friends and family,

As you know, tSB was sad to say farewell in August to Chiloe Barrera-Cloyd, our wonderful and dedicated Interim Executive Director, who has headed back to school in pursuit of a new career. Chiloe will be missed, especially her energy and dedication to serving the youth in our program. You can read her farewell message here.

As 2017 comes to a close, we will continue to search for the next permanent leader of our organization – one who possesses jut the right blend of leadership, commitment to youth, organizational management, and fundraising prowess to keep tSB thriving for years to come. We’re looking for a leader with that “special sauce” to advance tSB to new heights. It’s a tough challenge, but it’s a labor of love. We are excited to find the person who is just the right fit for our beloved tSB.

Where does that leave tSB in the meantime? Fear not, as we have been working hard to ensure this transition process does not slow down tSB’s work and its mission. To get us through this Fall and into the winter season, we are thrilled to introduce you to our new Interim Executive Director, Lacie West! Lacie comes to us from College Access Now and has been in place since mid-September. To learn about her, please read her bio here. Her leadership skills have already impressed us immensely. From organizing our annual Soiree (November 10th! Tickets available here) to working with staff to plan our 2018 Winter Core Program, Lacie is the right person to provide stability as we continue our search for a permanent ED.

tSB has been working its mission since 1995, fueled by the love and financial support of our community. Your ongoing support is as important as ever during the transition. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions or feedback for us – we’d love to hear from you at info@theserviceboard.org.

The snow will fall soon and we look forward to seeing you on the mountain!

Yours in community,

Mary Cadera & Anthony Auriemma
Board Chair & Co-Chair

We are a 2019 Satterberg Foundation Core Support Grantee!

August 20, 2019

The Satterberg Foundation announced that the Service Board is in its latest group of Core Support grantees. tSB will receive $100,000 per year for 5 years for a total grant of $500,000.

We Received a Premera Social Impact Grant of $30,000!

March 2019

We are excited to be one of the six nonprofit organizations across Washington chosen by Premera Blue Cross through its Premera Social Impact program to receive a grant to support behavioral health solutions, particularly in underserved communities.

According to studies by the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. experiences mental illness in a given year, and approximately 1 in 5 youths aged 13 to 18 have experienced a severe mental disorder at some point during their life. “Behavioral health is an issue we all need to address together by reducing the stigma around the conditions and providing access to care,” said Paul Hollie, who leads Premera Social Impact. “These programs strive to make a difference in the lives of individuals and families in their communities.”


Check out this article on KUOW about past tSB Prophet and Peer Leader, Graham Blair! 
His mother, Jordan Blair is a past tSBoard Member!

Honoring Natalie

Our community is experiencing the loss of a beautiful and brave tSB youth, Natalie, who inspired many of her peers and tSB community members. Natalie was a former Prophet and current Peer Leader. On December 18, 2018 she was fatally shot by her mother. She was quiet and shy, but we at tSB saw her grow as a leader, confident and compassionate, speaking up for others and herself. Natalie was our youngest peer leader, and showed so much love and strength throughout her time with us.