Maria (she/her) joined the tSB team in March 2021 as Program Coordinator. She was born and raised in south Seattle and has spent her life exploring the Pacific Northwest. Growing up in this area, she has formed a great attachment and respect for nature and the many ways we can explore it. This has contributed to her passion for social and environmental justice.

She studied at Western Washington University and received her BA in Environmental Studies focusing on Environmental Education and Urban Planning. It was there that she fell in love with teaching in the outdoors and working with youth. After college, she worked with Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust as an Educator. After her term as an AmeriCorps member, she worked with a variety of environmental organizations in education and program development.

While working in and teaching about the environment, she realized that her passion didn’t directly lie in nature but with the people that filled those spaces. She works towards creating more accessibility to the outdoors and the multitudes of benefits it provides. Nature is more than just trees and mountains, but a place for community to form, lessons to be learned, and memories to be shared.

During her free time you will find her hiking, skiing, swimming, cooking some yummy meals, and diy-crafting her heart out.

You can contact Maria at